In Defense of Tucker Carlson and Susan Collins

In just over 100 days America’s voters will choose between Donald Trump and a revolutionary socialism that will be irreversible. The violent mobs of Seattle, Portland and Atlanta – and their less visible comrades in cities big and small – certainly know what their hidden paymasters and organizers want.

Meanwhile the Ruling Media Class is brazenly employing its MSM for naked propaganda, and the Silicon Valley tech giants are squelching free speech. Anyone on the Right who does not recognize that we are struggling against massive odds – and are close to becoming the doomed Kulaks of the 21st century – is willfully ignoring history, the power of the MSM and today’s daily Leftist violence, which is merely a harbinger of the persecution and purging that will follow a Biden victory.

Because we on Radical and Right long ago recognized the birth and entry of the new Ruling Class, its inevitable revolutionary agenda of complete and forced societal change, and its awesome power, we have always avoided searching others on the Right for ideological deviation. We have tried to stay in the real world and not fall prey to satisfying infantile emotions. We have criticized others on the Right according to the proverbs “by their deeds ye shall know them” and “united we stand: divided we fall.”

Thus we criticize, but do not attack Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, Ben Shapiro or Karl Rove. We do not assume that their deviations from what we consider effective resistance to the Ruling Class are motivated by deliberate treachery. We give them the benefit of the doubt and accept that they individually cope with tough political circumstances and honestly share only a portion of our beliefs. Given the times they have stepped up to the plate on judges and other issues, we can predict that if Biden wins in November, they will be forced to join us in the tumbrils on the way to the guillotine.

We – along with many others on the Right – have criticized Republican politicians for voting for free trade and other pseudo-conservative issues, when these politicians and their predecessors over decades failed to prevent the Left’s relentless advance. There is a difference between criticism of views and actions, and attacks on character and motives. Criticism is not the same as denouncing and flushing out real traitors.

Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, John Kasich, George Will, Paul Ryan, Bill Kristol and the Never-Trumpers of the Lincoln Project do not even scrape into the Broad Right, and will be eager to be seen helping AOC cram us into the tumbrils.

On our side, this thirst for character assassinations has gone beyond Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, and has reached as far as Tucker Carlson. Tucker has been more in the fight than countless internet warriors and has endured attacks on his family and property. It is time to stop this fratricidal warfare and look for unity instead of division.

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