Was the Deity Playing with America in 2016?

JESTER: one who jokes; buffoon

JOKER: one who jokes; an extra card printed with a comic device counting as the highest trump

The rules of the game seemed to be set for the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was going to get her turn in the White House, a just reward for acceding to the Media Class/Left Coalition’s choice of the first black man in 2008, for swallowing the primary fix, and for serving Obama loyally for eight long years. This time it was neo-Trotskyite Bernie Sanders who got fixed in the primary. Like all good Leftists, he too acceded gracefully.

The first woman President to follow the first black President was a script designed to complete the picture of a Democratic Party that was unarguably progressive and inclusive. As if to nicely underline the contrast, the Republican Party, with MSM approval, was about to pick Jeb Bush – white, male, country club and insipid. Bush was ideally suited to play the obliging fall guy at the Hillary coronation. What could go wrong with this blueprint for sleepwalking America into the final painless stage of totalitarianism?

And then the Deity intervened with irony and injected Donald Trump into the Republican primary. Who would take seriously a man with that hairstyle, an outsize ego only satisfied by erecting tall buildings in New York, a taste for exotic wives, a talent for promoting tasteless talent TV shows, and an unprincipled dabbler in politics?

At the outset almost every expert misjudged and underestimated Donald Trump. Many thought he was joking, continuing his pursuit of shallow publicity, topping up a dwindling bank balance, a buffoon, and for certain, not serious about politics.

But early on, Radical and Right, maverick talk show host Michael Savage and a few others detected in Trump a genuine love of country and its workers. His was a lone voice saying it was time to halt the betrayal of America’s workers on the conservative altar of free markets, international free trade and open borders.

Did Donald Trump know what he was getting himself (and his family) into? Almost certainly not! It is clear that Trump had never studied political history, and his experience of politics never stretched beyond wheeling and dealing with corrupt NY politicians and unions. It is also certain that his past success in the media entertainment world led him to believe that he would get favorable MSM treatment and be moving among friends.

Trump naively stumbled into an issue that was anathema to both the internationalist Left and the globalist “center-right” – nationalism. Since World War II it had been branded a dirty word. Several powerful hidden interest groups had their own reasons for placing it and its advocates beyond the pale.

It was painted by academia and the MSM as “selfish,” “outdated,” “narrow-minded,” “intolerant,” “reactionary,” “bigoted,” “phobic,” “divisive”, and – if that was not enough – racist, rooted in Nazism, Fascism, and the cause of wars.

The Republican Party leadership, long dominated by a mix of self-interested globalists and free-market ideologues, had perfected the art of waving the flag at election time and then quickly packing it away. Trump said enough on the hustings to set himself apart as a genuine – if muddled – nationalist. A border wall, troop withdrawals from foreign countries, American workers first and a rag-bag of similar views were enough to stir nationalist sentiment in rank-and-file Republicans, industrial workers and many who had long abandoned party politics. Crucially, when the anti-nationalists in the MSM and the swamp woke to the Trump threat and attacked, he doubled down.

Trump’s victory in the Republican primary is history and need not be reworked here, but the important event of the following Presidential election campaign was that the MSM elbowed aside the Democratic Party’s leadership and campaigned openly to defeat him. At last it was apparent to all who had eyes to see, ears to hear and a brain, that as Radical and Right had long maintained, the Democratic Party was the creature of the MSM (Media Class) and not the other way around.

The Trump campaign style, in both the primaries and in the contest with Clinton, was unlike anything in modern history. His weaknesses and strengths were soon on display and they continue undiminished, even after more than three years in the White House.

His worst traits of impulsiveness, recklessness, childishness and pettiness were on display in the televised debates and have been amplified ever since by his nightly addiction to Twitter. One example will suffice and that was his unnecessary attack on McCain’s courage. In politics as in real life there are things that may be true but are better left unsaid. However, on other occasions his childish personal attacks on opponents have scored – among them “crooked Hillary,” “low energy Jeb,” the “lying Media,” and “Fake News.”

Still, for many of us on the demoralized Right, his refusal to ever apologize, no matter how big a storm the MSM creates, was – and is – hugely inspiring. Trump never retracts or retreats and instead counter-attacks twice as hard, in stark contrast to just about every other public figure on the Right. Here lies one of his core strengths. He is tough!

In the campaign against Clinton, Trump withstood vicious MSM treatment that dwarfed the war waged against Reagan. Not once did he wilt. His energy, despite his age, was phenomenal, as he criss-crossed the Nation, addressing the American workers at well-organized, cleverly crafted mass rallies. The rallies broke records for attendance and revived and transformed the base of the Republican Party, leaving the old, globalist party leadership on the sidelines. Although lacking oratory skills and message discipline, Trump revealed an impressive ability to connect with ordinary people, in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton. This earthy, coarse connection infuriated and affronted not only the MSM, but the Republican Party’s Washington literati – and none more so than Peggy Noonan. We have learned that Trump, being on the moral side of the abortion and many other long-held conservative issues, has counted for nothing for these intellectual snobs, compared to his inability to hold a teaspoon correctly.

The wholly unprincipled, non-stop MSM attacks drove Trump, who lacked an ideology, further into the Nationalist camp. And as we forecast on Radical and Right at the time, the army of populists who flocked to his rallies, displaying their patriotism, have created a populist leader in their own image.

It is doubtful that Trump yet fully understands that his raising of the Nationalist flag, and his mobilization of a Nationalist people, deprived – at five minutes to twelve – the Ruling Media Class, its Leftist allies and hangers on in the government bureaucracy of the peaceful and covert completion of a genuine Revolution.

In the three plus years since his narrow victory, we are astonished that this amazing President has not been brought down either by a palace coup, orchestrated mob street violence, or an assassination. Counter-revolution, denying final power to a new Ruling Class, is a very dangerous business.

We are approaching an election in which the only issue is this: will Americans deny the Revolutionaries the complete transformation of their Nation, and begin the process of rooting out the Media/Leftist cancer before it is too late? We have Trump, a very flawed leader, but one who has courage and energy; is battle-hardened; and – contrary to the propagandist MSM image – is a uniter. Now is not the time to look for perfection.

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  1. People are now beginning to understand that the left is capable of destroying the nation’s economy along with millions of lives just for the sake of preventing a second Trump administration. They see that the media are egging on the violence in our cities and trying to pin it on Trump. Despicable. Voters are going to have all of this and more fresh on their minds when they go to the polls in November.

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