Media Class on Verge Of Victory

As we enter the last four weeks of the US Presidential election, it is clear that the Media Class has succeeded in inflicting enough damage on the McCain/Palin ticket to get Obama into the White House. When McCain made the surprising choice of Palin for his running mate he caught the Media Class off-guard. A majority of Americans liked what they saw and knew of her, and the conservative base of the Republican Party responded with renewed vigor after listlessness for McCain. The panic amongst all journalists was palpable when it appeared that their candidate might actually lose. Prior to this moment, the Media Class had been openly laundering Obama’s campaign, having disposed of the Clintons with negative reporting. However the anti-Palin frenzy that was unleashed revealed that the Media Class recognizes no limits in partisan reporting, as it dispatched an army of reporters to Alaska to dig for and invent dirt. The Media campaign to destroy Palin has openly plumbed the depths, some might say in desperation, though I would characterize it as the confidence and arrogance of a ruling Class.

I repeat what I have written many times in previous articles on this website. The Media Class only has to succeed in influencing some 10% to 20% of floating inattentive voters in order to swing an election. Leftists are delighted with the flagrantly propagandist diet that the MSM (Mainstream Media) feeds them. Conservatives and all those on the Right of the political spectrum are now aware of, and resigned to, the poison that spews from every newspaper headline, every radio news bulletin, and almost every TV report. A significant number of conservatives lose heart as their views are marginalized and a great number of Leftists are enthused by having their prejudices reinforced, but it is the effect on those who pay little attention to politics (but vote) that is key. These are the people who, because they are apolitical and are often more interested in sport and entertainment than politics, are likely to casually trust what they see and hear from the Media. After all, if your first and most important visit to the daily paper, is to the sports page, you will read stuff that is mostly factual and true. Why would you not believe the political headlines that you then scan before eating breakfast and getting ready for work? These ‘independent’ voters, sometimes also referred to as moderates, are unwilling to believe that the MSM is flagrantly biased and routinely dishonest, especially as the MSM is in a position to dismiss the protests of conservatives, claiming that they seek to blame the Media for their own ills.

It is important too to realize that TV personalities like Katie Couric, Dianne Sawyer, Dan Rather and Oprah Winfrey do not look like the social revolutionaries that they are. These respectable-looking figures are chosen and presented as the face of the Media Class in order to retain the trust of tired and apolitical viewers. Their Leftist credentials are known only to their comrades within the Media Class and to the insiders of the revolutionary movement that intends to impose a new morality on the West. Make no mistake; the Courics of the Media world detest the conservatives, Christians and Nationalists who stand in the way of the agenda that they regard as socially progressive and ultimately unstoppable.

In an article dated October 5th on the American Thinker website1, Victor Volsky rightly chides Republicans and those on the Right for whining about Media bias whilst retaining the ridiculous belief that deep in the heart of the MSM crowd there is an objective fairness and journalistic objectivity that can be shamed into reform. Volsky is correct that the Media people are with few exceptions wholly committed to advancing a Leftist agenda but he fails to understand why this is and how their agenda has ignited a historic culture war.

On this website we claim that the newly-powerful Media Class has emerged because of technological advances that have favored certain groups of people and brought them together. The news and entertainment industries are the lucky beneficiaries of the 24/7, TV-in-every-house development that began in the 1960’s. It has incidentally created and enriched an economic and social Class that now controls what we all see and hear as news and entertainment. This so-powerful Class now seeks to use its power to remake society in its own image – an image that has no place for traditional morality. Thus we have a cultural war that is truly revolutionary, no less so just because those who fight it on both sides are only dimly aware of its cause and nature. It has always been true of revolutionary upheavals in society that only hindsight has revealed the forces at work.

Volsky asks what should Republicans do to defeat the power of the MSM.

Well, on this website we address not Republicans but conservatives, Christians (and Orthodox Jews) and Nationalists, for they are the real obstacles to the Media Class. The Republican Party could change policies at will – embrace abortion, accept same-sex marriage, jettison links to traditional Christianity, abandon National identity, demand society’s acceptance of every sexual perversion, support the imposition of moral relativity on school children, work for the subjection of the population through welfare, decriminalize much crime and similar policies – and earn the approval of the Media Class. Nothing would please the Media Class more than that the two main American Parties compete to be most ‘progressive’. A political party can remake itself in order for its leaders to be able to get their snouts in the trough. Conservatives (of the social kind), true Christians (I include Orthodox practising Jews) and true Nationalists cannot change their beliefs and thus will find that the Media Class, once having attained power through its political creatures, will seek to outlaw them through legislation and to persecute them into extinction. In this current election in the USA, we see the Media Class finally and openly assuming the key role, for who could claim that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barak Obama and Joe Biden have more than walk-on parts. On the Republican side, who could dispute that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and their comrades in Talk Radio have more power and influence than President Bush, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and all the Republican Congressmen put together?

We understand that conservatives, Christians and Nationalists are not identical, though many people (again I include Orthodox Jews along with Christians) are all three. If they all recognized their mortal enemy, they would surely unite and be that much more formidable. If they recognized their mortal enemy they could very publicly denounce it again, again and again until some of those ‘independents’ became enlightened. They would refuse to play the game with the MSM in any shape or form. Sarah Palin would decline the invitation to be led to the slaughter on a Katie Couric program. And they would use the Internet more effectively to by-pass the MSM. All would refuse to speak or appear except on those Media outlets that guaranteed a fair deal. McCain and Palin should clamor to be on the Limbaugh program every day and on the Hannity program every night. Yes, I know that the ‘independents’ currently do not tune in to Limbaugh et al, but perhaps more would if that was the only place to hear the opposition to Obama. At least those who did would hear the truth.

Finally, I must turn to the UK, where political developments should frighten all Americans who care about free speech. These two items will not appear in the US MSM. In Manchester, an off-duty policeman with 13 years of service has just been dismissed because someone reported that he was seen at a soccer match with a BNP badge in his lapel. The British National Party is a legal British (Nationalist) Party and fights elections, but almost all state and local government institutions have adopted rules that enable them to dismiss employees who in any way support it. The dismissed cop was off-duty and in civilian clothes and although (it is alleged) he wore the BNP badge, was not a Party member, nor an activist. He could have worn a Communist badge or a badge of some extreme Socialist or Muslim organization with impunity. He could have worn his police uniform and marched in a homosexual parade and he would probably be promoted, but because he wore the badge of an organization that opposes immigration, he is toast and no major Media outlet will report it and protest.

An Australian citizen who denies the Holocaust landed in the UK last week and was promptly arrested by the police. He will be sent to Germany where Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in order that he can be tried in a German Court. On this website we certainly believe that the Holocaust took place in Nazi Europe and that it was one of the worst outrages of history. We do not believe that Holocaust denial should be an offence for this paves the way for the suppression of free speech. What is most outrageous about this incident is that the man was not in Germany when arrested but was in a country where Holocaust denial is not yet an offence. This is the consequence of the European Union and we maintain the EU is relentlessly developing totalitarian powers. In the US, the wonderful and wise Constitution still protects freedom of speech, though once the Media Class gains full political power through its agents in the Democrat Party and through Obama in the White House, the Constitution will be under attack as never before.


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