Beheading in Oklahoma

For those website visitors from outside the USA, the big news here is that the USA has experienced its first Muslim beheading on American soil. I tell a lie! Yes, there was a Muslim beheading but it isn’t big news in the USA–at least not in the Mainstream Media. The horrendous event that took place in Oklahoma on Thursday of this week got a brief mention in the MSM, which then –predictably- moved on to other things. We write ‘predictably’ because Alton Nolan aged 30, who stabbed and then beheaded Colleen Hufford, aged 54 and then stabbed Traci Johnson aged 43 multiple times, was both Black and a Muslim convert. If he had been White, Christian and had once attended a Tea Party event, the MSM would be carrying the news ad headlines for many days, perhaps weeks.

The cruel and bloodthirsty ritual murder of Ms. Hufford at her place of work should be shocking America and commanding both headlines and huge Media investigation. But it is not! The UK has, of course already had two such events for Pte. Lee Rigby, a young soldier was beheaded on an English street in full view of passers-by and an elderly lady was also randomly beheaded in her home. Now the Religion of Peace has had its own celebration of blood here in the USA. As usual, where perpetrators are Black, Muslim or homosexual, it is the conservative websites on the Internet that report the real news. Free Republic has carried many reports. Sadly though, even on the conservative websites, little attention is being paid to the victims. The MSM is concerned to bury the event as quickly as possible and the conservative websites are preoccupied with the Media cover-up. Let us therefore first spare some thought for the victims.

It is not yet clear whether Ms. Hufford and Traci Johnson were Black or White so we cannot know if this crime was racially motivated as well as ‘peacefully religious’. Ms Hufford’s manner of death not only entailed much suffering for her but must be especially shocking for her relatives. Ms. Johnson too, must have suffered an experience both shocking and painful. Both women went off to work in the morning with no premonition that the rise of Islamic Imperialism was about to reach into their lives in middle America. On this website, in line with our mission of revealing the rise of the Ruling Media Class, its power of propaganda and its agenda, we draw attention to the MSM’s continued focus on the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and contrast that with the complete lack of Media curiosity about the shocked and suffering families of Hufford and Johnson.

Strictly speaking we should describe Nolen as the alleged assassin but since he was shot whilst on the job of beheading we will henceforth call him ‘the killer’. He is another large and well-fed young man with none of the handicaps of under-nourishment that are usually the evidence of an under-privileged childhood and suffering deprivation because of institutional bigotry. He may well be described as another ‘gentle giant’ and the son Obama never had. The MSM managed to find a pastor who spoke well of him and several former college pupils who likewise were shocked that such an upstanding young man could have become violent. The local police chief who made the arrest has quickly dismissed the motives of racism, terrorism and Islamic retribution on infidels. No doubt the police chief is anxious to ensure he does and says nothing to offend Eric Holder and his army of Justice Gestapo.

Internet investigators –Surprise! Surprise!- have uncovered that Nolen has a history of crime, including violence and time served in prison, where he converted to Islam, taking the Muslim name Jah’Keem Yisrael, growing a beard and posing for photos in Muslim clothing. The local Muslim hierarchy has been quick to assert that Yisrael never had any connection to a Mosque. This denial will almost certainly not stand up to examination but since Muslims are directed to lie in order to advance Islam, their denials amount to nothing. It appears that when the police chief appeared in public locally to give details of the crimes of Yisrael he was surrounded by a large crown of protesting Muslims.

The official version of events is that Yisrael had just been dismissed from his job for continued Islamic proselytizing in the workplace. We are to believe that the dismissal from a job he liked (no doubt he was just turning his life around!) was the reason for his setting off to another part of the same workplace to wantonly kill employees. Perhaps, but decapitation and indifference to capture suggests a profound Islamic religious conviction. For the record and for the edification of New York Ex-Mayor Bloomberg, the manager of the victims happened to be a law enforcement officer who was carrying a concealed gun in this gun-free workplace. His shooting of Yisrael no doubt saved the life of Ms. Johnson and probably several others. We can chalk up these lives saved against some of the victims of gun violence. The manager deserves praise for his prompt action but we might regret that he did not send Yisrael off to the land of the 77 virgins and save taxpayers some money.

The UK’s BNP is under new management, Adam Walker having replaced Nick Griffin as Party chairman. If the website is faithfully representing Walker’s new broom it looks like the BNP may regain some of the success it had a few short years ago. Walker seems to be looking for common ground with other British patriots rather than making personal attacks on them and impugning their motives. He also seems to want a bigger tent and not be afraid of others getting some credit. Clive Jefferson’s recent videod visit to the home of Yorkshire’s Socialist Police Chief was a masterpiece of political action and theater. It almost certainly resulted in the man’s resignation.

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  1. I don’t think it’s the first beheading either.

    – Ariel Sellouk – Houston, August 2003: throat slit attempted but incomplete beheading.
    – Brendan Mess, Erik Weissman, and Raphael Teken – Waltham, Massachusetts, September 2011: throats slit, probably by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombers.
    – Hany F. Tawadros and Amgad A. Konds – Jersey City, N.J., February 2013: shot, decapitated, hands severed.

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