Will Trump Lead The Resistance?

On this website we have, since 2009, argued that America was no longer experiencing anything remotely like ‘politics as usual’, even though the Parties in Congress were maintaining that illusion. We had already identified the emerging presence of a new Ruling Class (the Media Class) and warned that its Mainstream Media (MSM) was a propaganda weapon unequalled even in totalitarian regimes.

We pointed out that although America had never previously produced a national Ruling Class, and Americans on the Right dismissed the notion of a Ruling Class and Class conflict as somehow ‘foreign’, it was our conclusion that America’s first ever revolution was inevitable. A new Ruling Class is a Revolutionary Ruling Class, representing a new economic, technical and social force, and it always seeks to remake the old society in its own Class image and to its own advantage. That process is revolutionary and requires the destruction of the old legal and social framework and the suppression of those who are invested in it.

Within one year of Obama’s Presidential victory, engineered by the propaganda power of the MSM and funded by extremely wealthy key elements of the ascendant Media Class, we could see that America was about to experience a profound revolution by stealth. The revolutionary advances by Obama from the White House consisted of the imposition of the homosexual/libertine/anti-Christian agenda of the Media Class, and the race/economic/big government/redistribution agenda of the junior partner of the Ruling Class – the Far Left/Government machinery element.

As revolutionary events have stealthily unfolded over the subsequent years we can see that the Constitution has been set aside, the Republican leadership has acquiesced in the subsequent lawlessness of arbitrary law, and the Federal and many State judiciaries have been purged. We can also now see that both the Media Class and its Far Left allies, having created a Fascist-type economy (minus the Nationalism), shared a globalist agenda that brought on board most of America’s Big Business.

The election of 2016 was supposed to install a President who would enable the stealthy revolution to be completed before the true American people (those of all races who are bound to their Bibles, families, National Anthem, land and guns) awoke. The stealth was achieved by the all-powerful MSM which has suppressed and corrupted ‘undesirable’ news, information and entertainment and substituted clever, seductive propaganda.

It is not difficult to predict what the next 4 years of revolutionary government under Hillary and Bill Clinton will hold -apart from the old horn-dog taking advantage of the opportunity to exceed the sexual exploits of the Kennedy boys! The Clinton’s were not the first choice of the Ruling Class but they outwitted the Media paymasters with the criminal network they had built within the Democrat Party. Obama may have colluded with them from the White House, where he has increasingly extended his own power and advanced his personal crypto/Muslim agenda.

At any rate, Hillary, Bill and gang, in exchange for a free hand in the Nation’s till, will complete the Revolutionary agenda of the Ruling Class, whose MSM will continue to control public opinion. Open borders, the criminalization of traditional Christianity, arbitrary laws, a cherry-picked Constitution, a completely purged and homosexualized police and military, the marginalization of the White working class, and legal cancellation of the First and Second Amendments, and much more to follow!

The entry of Donald Trump into the primaries, the eruption of support for him from the White working people and some conservative minorities, and his evolution into a committed Nationalist, has not only exposed a fundamental subterranean rift in America’s politics -and one the combined political establishment intended to keep suppressed – but flushed the MSM into the open as the political force of the Ruling Class, and exposed the Republican Congress as collaborative with the Ruling Class and indebted to Internationalist Big Business.

The chips are down! The election is about the completion of the Revolution – or its undoing by a Counter-revolutionary force led by the unlikely Donald Trump. This election is really a Revolutionary civil war, and it is getting hotter by the day as the Ruling Class turns its propaganda machine on to full volume. The opposition has been denied a voice as effectively as in a totalitarian regime, and if that is not sufficient to get the Clintons into the White House, we can expect fraud at the ballot box and ultimately violent suppression of the opposition. Young Ruling Classes do not slink away from power!

It is possible that the Counter-revolutionary forces will triumph at the ballot box despite the torrent of uncontested propaganda – but unlikely. What will happen either way? Will Donald Trump, whose minor character flaws are irrelevant, be prepared to lead the disorganized but newly-energized forces of the resistance?

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