Why We do not Want Refugees from ‘Muslim-majority’ Nations

(By George Wellor, Jr., son of George Wellor)

The following is an education on the ‘Muslim-majority’ nations from which people cannot enter the USA under Trump’s recent executive order. It lists all seven nations whose inhabitants have been banned, and gives a background to each nation listed. Notice that not only is there a ‘Muslim majority’ in these nations, but these nations are almost completely Muslim in population. Many of these nations have had civil wars in recent times, and some of them have rapidly-spreading infectious diseases – all things we do not want in our country.

Remember, the Mainstream Media is trying to make these nations sound as if they are innocent Muslim victims of an evil Trump administration. This article’s intention is to expose these ‘victimized’ nations for what they are.

1) Sudan is not only a ‘Muslim-majority’ nation, as the Mainstream Media calls the seven banned nations, but is almost completely Muslim, with 97% of the population adhering to the religion, and the other 3% either adhering to a tribal religion or Christianity. The population is growing at a rapid rate, but the civil war has stopped censuses from taking place since 1993. In 2011, the civil war caused the southern part of Sudan to separate and become its own nation, South Sudan. According to Index Mundi, the risk of infectious diseases in Sudan is “very high”.

2) Iran is another ‘Muslim-majority’ nation whose inhabitants Trump has banned. According to Wikipedia, Iran’s population was stable until the early 1940’s, when the population accelerated from about 10 million inhabitants to its current total of 78 million inhabitants. In 2015 was the $150 billion Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran is 99.4% Muslim, more than 2% higher than Sudan.

3) Iraq, despite in ancient times being the center of several of the world’s largest empires, has long been in turmoil. The nation is 96% Muslim. On Index Mundi’s list of infectious diseases is typhoid fever, which can have mortality rates of as much as 20% when the disease is not treated. The population was, like Iran, stable until the 1940’s, when population began to increase rapidly.

4) Syria is another war-torn nation. Of the 18 million inhabitants, 87% are Muslim, once again more than just a ‘majority’ but a large, violent majority. The northern part of the country is in turmoil. Trump has put an indefinite ban on refugees from this nation, rather than the “120 days” he has ordered for the other six nations.

5) Yemen – when searching this once divided nation, the first headline was from ABC 7: “US Service Member Killed in Yemen…”. This should cause a ban no matter what the circumstances. Also, Yemen was divided into Communist and non-Communist sections until 1990 and was again divided for several weeks in 1994. According to Index Mundi, the risk for infectious diseases in Yemen is “high” as the population continues to crowd into the more fertile areas of this Arab nation. The population is 99.1% Muslim.

6) Libya has nearly 700,000 square miles of land and only 6.5 million inhabitants. This gives the nation little reason for its inhabitants to flock to the United States or any other Western nation. The second-largest city, Benghazi, is the best-known city in the nation to foreigners; there have been multiple problems in the city, including ‘peaceful’ protests and the famous attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in 2012. The population is 97% Muslim.

7) Somalia (of course, another peaceful country with a stable population!) has the largest Muslim percentage of all the seven nations, at 99.8% Muslim. Somaliland is a self-declared state located with Somalia, dividing the nation. Malaria and typhoid fever are present in the country, along with several other diseases, putting Index Mundi’s rating of infectious diseases for the country at “very high”. Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the Muslim who put 11 people in hospital after his terrorist attack at a university in Ohio, was from Somalia.

This sums up the seven nations whose inhabitants are banned from the United States. These ‘Muslim-majority’ nations are banned for good reason, as many have high disease rates and are chaos for their inhabitants with wars and riots continuing for days on end. Our nation will be safer, healthier, and terrorist-free without these nations’ inhabitants marching through our borders.

*Sources include Wikipedia and Index Mundi.

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