Water Shortage And Immigration

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There are many good reasons for stopping or hugely reducing all immigration into America, and none of them are explicitly mentioned by either Trump or Cruz, our two best hopes for America’s National survival.

We should be talking openly about the certainty that more immigration of large numbers of people from Asia, the Orient, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East will result in a majority non-White, non-European America. This would change-and quickly – the identity of the Nation and might change for the worst those characteristics and talents that have borne fruit over centuries.

There is no debate about which of the immigrant groups have best integrated and which bring talents. Nor has there been a debate about the negative effects that some will undoubtedly bring or have brought. Trump has come nearest to this with his call for restrictions on Mexicans and Muslims.

There has been no honest debate about the impact of alien religions and cultures. Instead, Leftists have been able to impose the unproven mantra that ‘diversity’ is beneficial. Maybe some races/cultures are harmless and some beneficial but there has been no examination.

No politician has argued that America has enough people already, or even too many for its resources, its balance between urban development, farming and wilderness. Or whether too-large cities breed crime, discontent, physical and mental ill health, pollution and a disconnect between man and nature that will have long-term consequences. Until now, all politicians accept growth in numbers as either desirable or inevitable.

Here in California there is simply not enough water to sustain the current population, let alone future increases. Water, unlike scarce raw materials, cannot be replaced by science and technology. The planet’s water is finite, even if its natural distribution is constantly changing.

We have already noted on this website that El Nino has not arrived despite expert predictions. It may yet arrive this winter/Spring but even so will not compensate for the several years of near-drought. There may be enough rain to avoid a crisis this coming summer but El Nino rarely occurs two consecutive years and the crisis will only be postponed for one year.

The people in other States will justifiably point to California’s voters and Leftist politicians and their refusal to build more dams and desalination plants. But the truth is California is a desert State. Natural climate change will likely bring great droughts that cannot be denied by human ingenuity, especially given that neighboring States are also desert States and some also have water shortages.

The underlying problem is over-population, and the craziness that rules all debates is ‘growth’. There cannot be business and industrial growth without more water consumption, but in any case California’s (and the Federal Government) politicians and business people want millions more people imported. We can set aside the issue that some importees may be undesirable, for California needs no importees. It does not have the water for the people already here!

The answer to the desert West’s water shortage is a national halt to immigration, for those admitted to other and wetter parts of the Nation could not be stopped from moving West, once here. America has more than enough people. Welcome the sane politician who dares to say so!

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