Washington State Good For Trump

The latest statistics I can find for Tuesday’s Republican primary result are with only 73% reporting. They are Trump 373,843 votes, (76.2%); Cruz 49,645 votes (10.1%); Kasich 48,151 votes (9.8%), and Carson 18,553 votes (3.8%). Trump gains 40 delegates.

It will be instructive to learn the final total of votes per candidate, total vote for the election and to compare them with the 2012 primary. For the record, in 2012, Romney had 37%, Paul 24%, Santorum23% and Gingrich 12%. Are more Republicans motivated to vote this time around?

As far as I can tell from the votes cast in 2012 for each candidate (e.g. Romney 19, 111), there was a different system and there is no point in comparing apples to oranges. But for sure Romney received only 37% then, compared to Trump’s 76.2% now. One thing is certain and that is that Trump’s delegate count is going to surge way past the threshold by the time the action moves to Cleveland.

Trump is now accumulating the Republican support that previously went to rivals, and so his poll numbers are closing in on, or passing, Clinton in Republican-dominated States. This is no evidence of a Republican surge that would take him to the White House with enough votes to overcome the predictable election fraud of the inner cities. There is no evidence in the polls that he is improving on the support that Romney enjoyed, and which was not nearly enough to prevent Obama easily winning a second term.

Much of the euphoria that is evident on Conservative and Nationalist websites is the result of a narrow media experience. The tens of thousands of Americans who attend Trump rallies and the many more who blog on certain websites are people who have stopped relying for their ‘news’ on the Mainstream Media. Many do not expose themselves to the MSM propaganda, or do so with appropriate cynicism. But they are very much a minority of America’s likely voters.

The harsh truth is that the MSM, and all those Internet news sources like xfinity are hard at work hiding real news, massaging facts, relentlessly presenting Trump in a negative context, and ensuring that Hillary Clinton’s image is pristine. And for the great majority of the innocent Americans who go to work each day and pay minimal attention to politics, this is what shapes their voting decision.

Trump has certainly been a challenge to the MSM’s propaganda machine and has got his politically incorrect message on the border, Muslim invaders and international trade to many more voters than any other Republican rival would have achieved, but he is going to have to make a Herculean effort in the coming months if he is to overcome the power of the MSM.

We need look no further than his polling figures in North Carolina and Georgia to see that he and we are struggling even in the conservative heartlands. We are incensed and highly motivated by the violent Soros-funded ‘protests’ in Albuquerque and Anaheim because we see them accurately portrayed on certain Internet websites. We see the Mexican flags and we read about the attacks on those who are peacefully walking to the rallies, but the MSM is busily and successfully presenting the opposite picture to our trusting neighbors.

The MSM has an awesome power with its lies, its concealments and its drip, drip, drip of propaganda, presented by shameless liars who look just like us. It also has an ability to find and present the renegades from our ranks who are willing to sell their souls for a moment of celebrity or the continued concealment of a past transgression.

Here is a typical example of MSM concealment in pursuit of an agenda. This is in today’s WSJ under the heading ‘US Watch‘ by reporter Nicole Hong. The agenda is to avoid linking terrorism to Islam and also to conceal the scandal of immigration.

The report concerns the arrest of a 22 year old ‘Bronx’ man, Sajmir Alimehmeti for assisting the Muslim terrorist ISIS. There is no mention of his religion, how long he has been in the USA, how he got here, whether or not he is a legal immigrant, what is his occupation and source of income, his address or whether he has family and friends. A genuine news service would seek out all this information and publish it, for it is only with such information American citizens can assess the effectiveness of the official processes that should be protecting them and their families.

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