Veritas Project, Wikileaks, Shadow Government And Ryan

This morning, as I drove in my car, I listened to Rush Limbaugh revealing just a portion of the Veritas Project evidence of Democrat dirty tricks that have been employed against Donald Trump and his followers. O’Keefe has once again done a stirling job uncovering the evil practices of Far Left politics at ground level in these Revolutionary times. It is the job that a Mainstream media would carry out in an America that was a Constitutional democracy in non-Revolutionary times.

The Veritas Project’s indisputable evidence that Hillary Clinton’s Democrat Party has been recruiting and paying poor people to disrupt Trump rallies with pre-arranged, rehearsed violence, will have sickened every patriotic American who heard the Limbaugh program.

Unfortunately as I drove along I knew that the vast majority of my fellow motorists were not tuned in and would remain comfortingly ignorant. When I reached home I searched on the Internet and confirmed that the MSM, including Fox and XFINITY, were resolutely ignoring this news and thereby denying the American people knowledge of the political criminality which is destroying their democracy.

O’Keefe’s video recordings not only reveal the evil that permeates the Democrat Party and Far Left at the base, but lays bear the culpability of the DNC, Obama and Clinton camps. Even more frightening is that all the stage-managed violence is perpetrated for the benefit of a waiting Mainstream Media, marching in lockstep, knowingly colluding with crime, and creating and disseminating false propaganda from it.

We on the Broad Right now know that there exists a shadow government, concealed beneath the trappings of an American Constitutional Government. It is manufacturing news and information for the masses in order to distract from its Revolutionary and criminal agenda and usurpation of untrammeled power. Our position, as Americans in 2016, is little different than that of the last century’s desperate resistance to Stalin and Hitler in occupied Eastern Europe. In order to discover the truth they listened to Free Europe broadcasts on illegal radios. American patriots are listening to Limbaugh, Savage, and Hannity or searching out the Drudge Report, Free Republic and radical and right on the internet – and increasingly anticipating a knock on the door at midnight.

Donald Trump is absolutely right to describe this political charade parading as a Presidential race, as a fix. It is not being conducted within a lawful set of rules, agreed by both sides and with a neutral referee. It is no longer being conducted on a tilted playing field, but on a field with only one goal mouth. Goals can only be scored in the goal at the Right end of the field. The goal at the Left end has been removed!

Unless the flagrant rule-breaking is revealed to the people, and the guilty punished by expulsion from the game, the game cannot legitimately continue and the result cannot be allowed to stand.

Those of us who understood from the beginning that the ‘old rules’ no longer operated in these Revolutionary times, are not surprised by the revelations of O’Keefe, WikiLeaks and the sneaked-out FBI files. But even if the inattentive masses remain unaware of the crooked reality of this election, the Republican Never-Trumpers have no excuse. They must now be aware that the contest has been fixed from Day One, that Trump is the victim of a grand conspiracy, that his followers have been tarred by lying propaganda, and that this election is so clearly between Right and Left and right and wrong, that no good man can stand aside.

In the light of all this information about the conduct of the campaign, it is incumbent upon those who have deserted the battlefield, who have blamed past rally violence on Trump’s followers and his rhetoric, who have claimed some moral high ground for opting out, or who have given comfort to America’s internal enemies, to publicly apologize to Trump and his followers and rush to the barricades.

None should seek forgiveness more than Paul Ryan, who deserved the verdict of the Wisconsin Republicans passed on him at the Trump rally “Paul Ryan Sucks!”. Ryan must take the platform with Trump and apologize for his gutless desertion under fire.

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  1. Excellent write up! Absolutely right on target!! Its disgusting what Paul Ryan and the gutless, spineless Republican establishment elites has done to Donald Trump…. Shameful!!!

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