Trump’s Victory And The Russian Slur

Within hours of Saturday’s article on this website, the Mainstream Media and Obama began their latest attempt to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s election victory by attributing it to Russian penetration of the DNC’s internal email.

Obama claimed that America’s ‘Intelligence Community’ had informed him that Russia had mounted covert operations to help Trump win. As a consequence he had instructed the CIA to investigate and report.

Only a polished psychopath could coolly announce from the White House such an outrageous and unsubstantiated claim at this moment in the remaining weeks of a Presidency. We are invited to take Obama’s word – the word of an habitual liar -that the CIA’s head has come to him with solid evidence for this assertion. Predictably Obama is careful not to explicitly name the source.

As we have repeatedly asserted on this website, the Obama regime has been breathtakingly energetic and thorough in purging Federal Government Departments of honest public servants and replacing them with Leftists and ambitious climbers. The Congressional Republicans have been asleep at the helm during this eight years of stealthy Revolutionary takeover.

Let us consider the nonsense that Putin would prefer a Trump victory to a President Hillary Clinton. What rival power would want a Nationalist without baggage leading the USA, when it could have a woman who had already, over years in high office, exposed the Nation’s secrets by using personal email to cover her misuse of power in the pursuit of wealth?

Why would Putin prefer a strong incorruptible American Nationalist to deal with when he could have a President who would sell her own grandmother to a foreign power? No hostile or rival foreign leader would pass up an opportunity to have an American President who was cavalier with the Nation’s secrets and so easily purchased.

The baseless and anonymous accusations of Russian interference explicitly claim that Russia also hacked into the Republican National Committee’s emails but held back from passing that information to WikiLeaks. But we all know that the Republican Party leadership had nothing good to say about Trump and was openly attacking his character and his policies in the MSM from the beginning of the election campaign.

WikiLeaks was not required to release damaging information about Trump, for the MSM was brazenly devoting all its awesome energies and resources to bombarding the American voters with a daily diet of attacks on Trump’s character, his business companies and his campaign team.

Let us suppose that Putin ordered the hacking of both Parties’ internal internet conversations. What was there in Trump’s past and present that was not already ferreted out, amplified, and poisoned by the MSM? And if a Russian hacking was not sufficient there were plenty of elitist Republicans and Conservative scribblers frantically using the MSM to ensure a Clinton victory.

Clinton’s outrageous scandals were carefully buried by the MSM, and it was due to poorly-funded organizations like Judicial Watch that some of them were brought to light. The later WikiLeaks revelations only revealed the dirty tricks that the DNC employed against Sanders, and the sordid activities of the Clinton campaign machine and her partners-in-crime. In any case the MSM never allowed the American public to learn the WikiLeaks detail. The only Americans who learned more from the Assange site were those who dig into the ‘false news’ outlets of the Internet. I can vouch that people in Europe never learned anything of the Clinton scandals either from the American MSM or their own.

The Obama’s control over the FBI and the CIA ensured that she escaped the punishment and ignominy that ordinary US citizens have suffered for far lesser crimes. Now this shameless man has the temerity to accuse the Russians of corrupting the election by shielding Donald Trump!

Right on cue, the Republican Senate’s two most unprincipled and traitorous publicity hogs are rushing to the MSM’s propaganda outlets to sell themselves and aid the internal enemies of America. The Republican voters of Arizona and South Carolina have much to answer for! Unfortunately we cannot expect their Congressional colleagues to do much better. Once again Donald Trump will have to carry the fight to the White House alone.

There is good news on this Sunday. John Kennedy had a decisive win in Louisiana yesterday, beating his Hollywood-funded Democrat opponent 64% to 36%. Since Trump took time out from his cabinet work and ‘thank-you campaign’ to fly to Baton Rouge and support Kennedy, we can expect Kennedy to stand with Sessions and Broad Right patriots of the Counter-Revolution in the stern tests ahead of the Trump Presidency.

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