Trump’s Presidency in Danger

Trump’s dignified and fighting counter-revolutionary inauguration speech promised so much. We saw and heard a man who had started his political career as an intellectual lightweight, and been transformed by a vicious Mainstream Media (MSM) election campaign, into a sure-footed President with a profound mission. What has happened that this same man and his agenda to rebuild America, are now being dragged down by the MSM and political pigmies?

It is painful to write this, but Donald Trump himself is largely to blame for his fall into the swamp which he vowed to drain.

On this website, we believed that Trump’s experiences of the ruthless power, hostility, determination and viciousness of the MSM during the campaign, would awaken him to the fundamentals of America’s 21st century political landscape. We hoped that an honest captain lacking an ideological rudder and compass would quickly acquire them. Without such a rudder and a compass, no captain can reach his destination.

Trump has not only greatly under-estimated the MSM enemy. He has failed to understand what drives him. We have always argued that it is not enough to realize that the MSM is the face and awesome weapon of the enemy, but that it works for a new Ruling Class that has been imposing a revolutionary agenda on the American people, albeit by stealth.

This is a vital understanding! From it flows a realization that we are in a civil war, that the enemy has been in control of government and its machinery for at least 8 years, that ‘politics-as-usual’ – despite surface appearances – is dead, and that no quarter will be given.

Since the enemy is revolutionary, any opposition is counter-revolutionary. Donald Trump, with the mission he announced on inauguration day, unwittingly became the commander of the counter-revolutionary forces that had rallied to his banner.

Right after he took office we wrote on this website that Trump should move his government to a small town in Kansas. This was not a light-hearted suggestion, but a recognition that a commander of a nascent, untried army facing a powerful enemy, needed to have his headquarters in friendly territory and out of the enemy’s reach.

It will be argued that uprooting government from Washington D.C. and transplanting it to the center of the United States was physically challenging, disruptive, inconvenient to the functionaries, and even to Trump and his family. Certainly, the Washington Press corps and the other inhabitants of the swamp would have been greatly inconvenienced, thrown into disorder, perhaps even unable to exist outside the swamp.

Surely subsequent events have shown that a primitive existence in small-town Kansas would have been healthier for Trump and his loyal staff than what he has endured since.

The other advice we gave – and it flowed inexorably from a recognition of the revolutionary civil war – was that foreign affairs should be put on the back burner, and the war at home prosecuted without respite. At the forefront should have been the defeat of MSM power, the purging of the government machine and the colleges, and a rolling campaign of mass rallies of the heartland supporters, putting them on a war footing. An HQ in Kansas would have been an effective symbolic demonstration of his inauguration pledge that his government was for those forgotten people who are the backbone of the nation.

Well, Trump’s Presidency is now mired in the swamp, the noxious swamp people are circling for a feast on it, and the commander is in foreign lands.

By failing to spend his time mobilizing his supporters in the heartland, Trump will find that many more Republican fainthearts and opportunists will join McCain, Collins and the traitorous Media-hogs.

The serial crises that are engulfing his Presidency are without substance, but we are witnessing what this website has been proclaiming for more than 10 years – the MSM is tremendously powerful. Unless its power is smashed, the counter-revolution cannot succeed.

In the absence of continual peoples’ rallies where a clear counter-revolutionary agenda is articulated and leadership is exerted, the MSM is able to manufacture and represent ‘public opinion’ – and bring down a President.

Shallow, childish tweets and pompous meetings with foreign dignitaries are no substitute for serious leadership, here in America’s heartland.

Writing this is painful, for Trump is a good man, has already done many good things as President and nothing disastrously wrong, and the Broad Right has nowhere else to go. We must make it clear that if he is impeached or in any way removed from office, we are ready for a civil war.

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