Trump’s Lead Puts His Life In Great Danger

It was reported today that Steve Borowiec, a homosexual reporter for the LA Times, has been forced to withdraw a tweet in which he expressed the hope “to see Donald Trump’s life end”. Early on in this Presidential campaign we wrote that if it looked likely that Trump would win the Presidency, he would be in great danger of assassination. Well, it looks (barring a last-minute MSM giant lie or outrageous ballot-rigging) like Trump is building a lead that will grant him and America’s hard-working people a victory in the polls.

The reality is that Donald Trump’s Nationalist program is counter-Revolutionary, and if implemented, will halt and reverse the Media Class/Far Left Revolution stealthily achieved over the last 20 or more years. A Trump Presidency will result in the overthrow of our Ruling Class and its Far Left allies. That makes this election and its result startlingly different from the past two Presidential elections when the Republican candidates were proven ‘moderates’ (i.e. certain collaborators).

Trump’s initial ill-defined Nationalism in the primaries was sufficient to arouse intense antipathy in many quarters, even though he was not taken seriously as a Presidential candidate. But, as we predicted then, the subsequent Presidential campaign and the viciousness and desperate dishonesty of the Media Class attacks on him and his followers, has given him a political education.

Trump is now both a skilled and coherent campaigner, and a radicalized Nationalist. He has grown and grown with each attack upon him, and his determination, resilience and energy have been matched by an awareness of who are the internal enemies of the American people.

The Media Class has revealed its identity and power through the Mainstream Media’s seamless propaganda onslaught. Big Business, by funding the Clinton campaign, has revealed its self-interested internationalist political anti-American agenda that ties it to this Far Left Obama government. The Government machinery has abandoned its pretense of political neutrality. The elite of the Republican Party and Conservative movement has disclosed its fear and contempt of its grass-roots, and acted out its eagerness to collaborate with the new Ruling Class. Finally, thanks to WikiLeaks, Washington has proven to be the stinking swamp that Trump denounced from the start.

Trump is now a seasoned warrior with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to make America great again, and he has ignited a mass movement. If he enters the White House in January, it will not be as a shallow showman, but as a swamp-drainer and retributive sheriff with a posse of patriots. For many enemies, crooks and traitors, the game will be up.

The Far Left has always been ready to use violence to win and retain power. Few emerging Ruling Classes give up power peacefully. The Media Class has created a climate of intolerance, defined its enemies, and strained to demonize Trump and his American followers. Mexican cartels, Muslim fanatics, sick perverts, Black street thugs and Far Left misfits will all sense a Ruling Class permission to violently prevent Trump from taking office.

We must hope that Trump is heavily protected, not only in these last few days of the campaign, but, if he wins, in the period before taking office.

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