Trump’s First Immigration Moves Are Sure-Footed

In a very heartening and heart-felt speech yesterday President Trump took the first steps to resolve America’s open border and internal immigrant problems. Building the wall and emptying America’s prisons of illegal immigrant criminals are exactly the right places to start. At the same time he extended the attack on America’s internal problem with financial Federal moves against the self-styled sanctuary cities.

Both the strategy and the tactics are sound. The wall will be a physical barrier, but at this time it is also a symbol of his commitment to campaign promises and his determination to proceed resolutely and speedily.

We cannot yet know how these symbolic moves will play out but they will trigger responses. Some at-liberty illegals may move back south of the border. Some may crowd into sanctuary cities. Other at-liberty illegals may avoid criminal behavior, protest movements and become very low-profile. All such responses are to be welcomed, including moving into sanctuary cities and other places of ‘sanctuary’.

We look forward to Stanford University bursting at the seams for months on end with young Mexican trench-diggers sharing gender-free toilets, shower-cubicles, corridors, cafes and dorms with snowflakes. What a wonderful test this will be of White, feminist, liberal self-sacrifice!

So far, Democrat Mayors and other Far Left dignitaries, have been rushing helter-skelter to the beckoning MSM microphones to lead the way in throwing down the gaunlet to the President, flaunting their cajonies, basking in Far Left approval, and dismissing the likely financial costs as miniscule. We shall see about that! Big talk is cheap!

In the rush to the microphones, none seem to have considered their under-funded public service pension commitments, or the social problems of a great influx of jobless, desperate, predominantly male invaders. Nor have they considered the safety of their residents.

San Francisco will be extremely enjoyable to monitor for it receives about $10b per year from the Federal Government. It’s* Downtown is infested with the homeless and bums. Unless one of those billionaire tech social Leftists comes to the rescue big time, the city will be in financial trouble and the homos won’t know which way to turn.

Trump’s administration should move slowly on these Democrat sanctuaries, apart from cutting off funds. They should be allowed to fester in isolation.

Trump’s short speech, flanked by Pence and the General, was a masterpiece of communication. No-one of any political persuasion, and certainly not his cabinet appointees, could have misunderstood his message or doubted his commitment. But in calling attention to several family members in the audience who had lost loved-ones to immigrant criminals, no-one could doubt that Trump’s heart is in the right place and that he does not forget. We are learning that Donald Trump is not a shallow man.

The President’s immigration policy has some testing times ahead in terms of protests and inflammatory MSM publicity, but yesterday’s ‘gradualist’ approach will win more public support and weaken the opposition. It is our view that Trump has slightly lessened the risk of civil war.


*American English: its

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