Trump’s Convention Speech A Statement Of Firm Intent

There was no ambivalence in Trump’s speech last night. He was crystal clear as to what direction America will take under his Presidency. It will be a Nationalist direction because the litmus test of every change he will introduce will be that it must benefit the ordinary working legal citizens of the USA. Trump was unapologetic that the interests of ordinary Americans will come first, second and third. Although he did not specifically say so, we can now be sure that he intends to oust from power the Internationalists who have been running the USA for their own financial benefit, or in pursuit of some ideological One World vision. Amen to that!

Every sentence of Trump’s speech confirmed that he intends to lead and dominate the Republican Party and its new agenda from the White House, and replace the Party’s Internationalist past with a Nationalist program for the future. He intends to transform the Party’s character and image from elitist to populist. He does not intend to compromise with the Party’s Old Guard.

Those who fear strong leadership of the Broad Right have cause to fear Trump. Not because he has authoritarian tendencies or a lust for power, but because they have become comfortable with retreat and submission, having been led for decades by weak men unwilling to resist powerful revolutionary forces.

More recently the Republican Party has been led by outright collaborationists. They have allowed Obama, his Far Left comrades and the Ruling Media Class, to cast aside Constitutional government and illegally capture the commanding heights of the American Nation State. These commanding heights can only be recaptured and restored to the American people, and the lost ground regained, by direct action from the Presidency. The Revolutionaries have also taken over the moral and cultural ground and Trump has not confronted these issues. Indeed his gift of a platform to a wealthy sodomite, who used that platform to boast about sodomy, was opportunist and without principle. America will not be made wholly great again whilst swimming in a moral and cultural sewer, but hopefully the people will take a hand once freed by Trump from pc correctness.

Nevertheless, Trump’s commitment to use the Presidential office from Day One to speedily dismantle the Obama regime’s government machinery, reassures us that he understands that he has been leading a war against Revolutionaries, and that the old Constitutional politics are not relevant at this stage of the struggle. When the Revolutionary forces have been removed from all areas of Government that have been infiltrated – including the Supreme and Federal Courts – and the Ruling Media Class exposed to daylight, the Constitution can be restored to primacy.

If Trump wins in November, we can expect the Bush/Romney/Kasich/Graham/Wall Street Journal rump to do all in its power to sabotage his Government. They will show an energy that has always been lacking in their dealings with America’s internal Revolutionary enemies. If they do not succeed quickly in bringing down the Trump Presidency they will attempt to create a new center-Right ‘moderate’ alliance. It will be well-funded.

In the opinion of this website, last night’s speech must have dispelled any and everyone’s lingering doubts that Trump really means business. All those charges from the WSJ gang that he has never seriously intended to seek the Presidency, were exposed for the pernicious propaganda that they were. He is a man on a mission and the reach of his radical, unapologetically Nationalist program ranged from Law and Order on the streets of every city, through immigration, Islamic infiltration, education, health care, State’s rights and through Trade Deals, citizen’s gun ownership, through a rebuilt military, through a Nationalist (but not isolationist) foreign policy, and to a revived economy that will offer benefits to America’s hard-hit working class of all skin colors. There was enough in this speech to satisfy every genuine Nationalist, Conservative and Christian!

Trump made it clear that he intends to ferociously pursue his policies from Day One in the White House. There will be no concessions to a Republican Congress grandstanding for publicity or pursuing self-interest. He has already made it clear that he intends to reverse the creeping legal corruption of the Obama years so that no-one will be above the law. Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as many other privileged elitists, will have concluded that only her winning in November will enable them to avoid jail time and penury. The Clinton camp and their Media Class sponsors, will fight this election using every dirty trick.

If the ordinary good citizens of America have an opportunity to see and hear Trump’s Convention speech, we are confident that he will be elected in a landslide in November. His problem (and ours) is outwitting the Mainstream Media. It is already in overdrive sifting, distorting, hiding and demonizing his every word.

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