Trump’s Broad Right Army Must Fight Back To Save America

We say it again! If Donald Trump had been reading this website for the past few years he would have been better prepared to lead our Nationalist campaign to make America great again. He would have understood that he was taking on the Media Class, its all-powerful Mainstream Media and Far Left allies, and that just because he had previously been a member of that Class, it would not protect him from their venomous onslaught once he broke ranks and defended America’s interests.

Trump’s real and most deadly enemies are not the scandal-ridden Clinton’s and the Congressional Democrat Party leadership, for they are merely the legislative tools of a partially-concealed new Ruling Class and its agenda. The orchestrated propaganda attacks against which he must fight, are mounted by, and sustained by, the Mainstream Media.

It is the MSM’s propaganda news organizations that select their victim, investigate him, prosecute him, ‘report’ proceedings to the public, act as judge, and assemble packed juries in TV studios which then all find the victim ‘guilty’. What Trump must understand is that this entire politically-driven process of victimization of opponents, conducted by the MSM and passed off on the American people as a form of neutral journalism, is how the Media Class and its Leftist allies have stealthily taken control of the Democrat Party, the White House, much of the Republican leadership and the Federal Government machinery.

The MSM, acting under the guise of journalistic ‘reporting’, has been busy for decades, destroying all enemies and potential enemies of the Media Class. With its awesome power over an American people that is distracted by materialism and befuddled by mindless entertainment, the MSM has manipulated politics, installed an America-hater in the White House, and promoted by edict a Revolution that is remaking America in its own morally-sick, globalist image. Hillary Clinton is now charged by the real Rulers with completing the Revolution that Obama has been not-so-stealthily implementing. Donald Trump’s crime is that his White House bid threatens to reverse the Revolution by awakening, expressing, and empowering the latent Nationalism of the American people. The Media Class, its Far Left, and globalist Big Business allies are all dedicated to defeating Trump by any and every means.

We on the Broad Right knew Donald Trump’s past. As a mostly-successful New York-based property developer, conducting business in a corrupt Leftist political environment, we reasoned he must have played the game according to corrupt Democrat Party rules in order to survive and prosper.

As a successful TV producer of lowest-common-denominator reality shows and beauty contests, we knew Trump had emerged from the amoral cess-pit that is the breeding ground of Media cultural rot. He has been working among the abnormal Far Leftists and Bohemians who infest Media Show-biz, Hollywood, pro-Sports, Advertising and Fashion. Donald laid with dogs and caught a few fleas!

We knew we weren’t getting a Saint Donald. Throughout his campaign he has never pretended to be a man with a pure past. Unlike Obama, Trump’s published accounts of his past are honest and not fictionalized. Whatever his past faults, he is not a hypocrite and he has come to a patriotic political understanding late in life. He is the best hope of America, warts and all!

Given the social and business environment that he has occupied, and in which he has flourished, Trump has a personal history amazingly free of serious misbehavior. If it were otherwise, the MSM would have long ago informed us, for we can be sure that the jackals have been frantically digging and digging into his past, searching for unprincipled past associates who need money or a moment of Media fame by recalling or inventing a Trump indiscretion that can be MSM-inflated into a major character flaw.

The MSM, the Media Class people behind it, and the jackals who serve as their reporters, are not protectors of morals or of women. They are mostly sexually-sick, abnormal, evil people who inhabit a world of exploitation and hypocrisy. Think of the men, the women and those in between, who make up Washington, Hollywood, San Francisco’s Castro, Palm Springs, Orlando, New York and the Entertainment world!

Let us put Donald Trump in the context of past Presidents revered by the MSM. Can you imagine the conversations between Jack and Bobby Kennedy, who were gleefully contemptuous of the amoral groupies they shared? What about the foul-mouthed and cruel Lyndon Johnson? How about the boozing, insatiable Teddy Kennedy who left a one-night stand to drown? And finally there is the old Tom-cat Bill Clinton, one-time trailer-park and low-life bar trawling companion of Ted Kennedy, who has been accused of forcing himself into women and who certainly used his political power to exploit a teen-aged girl in the Oval Office. All were Democrats, all have been forever protected by the MSM, and all have enjoyed freedom from investigation by the jackals of the Press.

Compared to any and all, Trump’s locker-room talk of 11 years ago is small potatoes. In the real world of ordinary men and women, such talk is common and indulged in by both sexes. There are hordes of women who talk about men (and each other) in crude terms. At least half of the population of America is not Church-going, many spending their leisure time in bars, gyms and sports places where such talk is common-place.

We may wish that all Americans were Church-going, clean-talking and monogamous, and certainly America would be a stronger Nation if it were so. But it is not so and many of these ‘earthy’ people are hard workers, brave soldiers, voters and entitled to a voice in America’s government. They will not be at all offended by Trump’s reported locker-room conversation. They understand that such talk is not used in mixed company and never translates into actions as Bill Clinton’s has.

Many patriotic leaders have been lechers and worse in their private lives, Jack Kennedy being a prime example. Even Reagan and Ike betrayed their marriage vows. The most Christian leader since the war was Jimmy Carter and he was a disaster. As Britain’s Nigel Farage has said, America is not electing a Pope!

Those disgusting Republican politicians now scrambling to denounce Trump’s 11 year-old remarks, and distance themselves from the struggle are all hypocrites. Are they so concerned for women that they will let Bill Clinton back into the White House, where he will, with Hillary’s permission, exploit the power of the Presidency to prey on young girls?

Do John McCain and the Christian Paul Ryan care so little about the unborn that they are prepared to concede the White House to two politicians dedicated to late-term abortion and funding the Devil’s Planned Parenting? Are they willing enablers of a future Supreme Court that will suppress free speech and re-write the Constitution? What gutless collaborators they all are!

Trump is the victim of the MSM’s wicked, wholly-partisan campaign which will be relentless until the election is over. His small faults are dwarfed by the evil of the Clintons and the good he will do reclaiming America from the Revolutionaries.

Now is the time for the Broad Right to double down and be even more vocal in Trump’s support. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

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