Trumpets! The Future Is Ours’ – Comrades!

The next two months are fraught with danger as the Media Class and its Far Left allies seek violently to snatch victory from the jaws of election defeat. Remember, we have written many, many times on this website that history teaches that a Ruling Class rarely surrenders power with out a violent struggle.

History does not always repeat itself and every episode of Ruling Class victory and defeat is unique, and therefore unpredictable. But at this moment the signs are not good for those who would prefer a Ruling Class defeat without violence and civil war. Obama, who was temporarily paralyzed by Trump’s victory and offering a peaceful transition of power, has regained his confidence (or received his orders!) and is now stoking violent and un-Constitutional resistance.

The Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, who have been enjoying power and transforming America for the last 7 years, are ramping up for a coup. With iron control of the purged Federal Government machinery; a near monopoly on News and the communication of information; a Big City, Soros-funded cadre of street mob leaders; and the machinery in place to mobilize the ideologically-indoctrinated young in education establishments, the Ruling Class/ Far Left alliance senses that it can hang on to power by force. Do the leaders of the Far Left have the nerve and are they sufficiently reckless?

The cooler Revolutionary heads will calculate that the military beyond the Pentagon is likely to resist an un-Constitutional Far Left coup, no matter how it is disguised by Obama. Most States between the Left Coast and the North East coast are now ruled by Republican administrations which are to the Right of the Republicans in Congress, and would enjoy armed grass-roots support in a civil war. Moreover, the National Guards in these States would be a formidable force supplemented by an armed citizenry.

One thing is certain. The current situation is a dynamic one and unprecedented in modern times. Obama’s refusal to denounce the rioters is highly significant and when he returns from his globe-trotting he will show his hand.

Meanwhile, Trump is putting together an administration that should encourage all members of the Broad Right. His government could be more conservative than Reagan’s judging by the early news. For those who worry about Romney as Secretary of State (not yet a reality), recall that when Obama placed Hillary Clinton at State we wrote that it was politically a ‘poisoned challis’. As it happened she saw an opportunity in the job to get rich, but politically it was a poisoned challis, as it is for John Kerry.

Trump is showing great resolution, a commitment to his campaign promises, and formidable confidence. Those on the sidelines are taking note. Ford is staying in Kansas, the Japanese PM is making overtures, Pence is proving effective, the Republicans in Congress are getting a backbone at last, and the dollar and Stock Market are riding high. If a Far Left coup falters or is defeated, and Trump is not assassinated, the future is ours comrades!

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