Trump And Clinton Tied

The Los Angeles Times daily poll has Trump and Clinton statistically tied this morning with Clinton holding a .6% lead. This poll, though funded by a Far Left newspaper, is to be taken seriously for it has identified a very large sample of likely voters and returns to them each day to monitor any changes in voting intentions.

Last week Clinton moved into a small but significant lead in this poll but has now dropped back to less than 1%. Other polls, most with Far Left partisan connections, have also shown a falling away from big Clinton leads, so it seems likely that the LA Times poll is telling us something. It is always tempting to put trust into a poll that tells us what we want to hear, but the LA Times poll has been remarkably consistent and sober when many other polls have been obviously attempting to create a Clinton bandwagon. We can see no reason why the LA Times poll would in any way favor Trump.

If the poll is honest and accurate it confirms that Trump has weathered the worst assault that our MSM enemies have been able to mount – and kept his army intact. This is no mean achievement given that he has yet to unleash a counter-attack of paid adverts in response to more than $100m of Clinton ads. Tomorrow is supposed to see the start of his ad offensive in Florida and other battle-ground States. He has certainly been on the offensive on the Law and Order campaign trail in Pennsylvania.

One of the details in the LA Times poll is that Clinton is benefiting from more loyalty from Democrats, this despite her wretched history of lies, policy failures, security offences and financial scams. Trump has support from a much smaller proportion of Republicans and the Libertarian candidate seems to be taking Broad Right voters from Trump. The Green Party candidate is not getting enough votes to affect Clinton. There is no doubt that the Republican defectors to Clinton have inflicted substantial damage to Trump, enabling the MSM to paint a contrasting picture of Republican division and Democrat unity.

Last weekend we commented on Peggy Noonan’s retreat from the Wall Street Journal’s anti-Trump war, which is spearheaded by Brett ‘Israel First’ Stephens and Joseph Rago. Yesterday, one of the WSJ’s Gang of Four also distanced himself from Stephens, who is becoming infamous for his venomous attacks on Trump’s White working Class supporters.

William McGurn’s ‘MainStreet’ article headed “About Those Loser Trumpkins” condemns National Review’s description of Trump supporters as having a “vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles”. McGurn asks “Could it be that what motivates Trump Voters is not a purely selfish concern for how they themselves are faring but how well their children and their communities will do?” McGurn must be aware that his fellow columnist Stephens shares National Review’s hatred, adding Jackboots and swastika’s to the heroin needles.

Meanwhile on the same page, Stephens is ranting yet again about anti-Semitism, Israel and Jewish interests. The trigger this time is the refusal of an Egyptian athlete to shake hands with an Israeli at the Olympic Games. I don’t suppose Stephens has ever pondered what it is about a significant number of Jews and their elitism that feeds anti-Semitism. This writer, when he notes the harm done to the American people by the Hollywood billionaires, George Soros et al and the arrogance of privileged Media people like Stephens, has to tune in to Michael Savage (and a next-door neighbor) to fight off anti-Semitism.

Music-Notes Music Choice Music-Notes

This week, the great vibes player Bobby Hutcherson died from emphysema. My son and I were privileged to hear him play last year in the East Bay. He was obviously very sick and relying on an oxygen tank for breath, but was still the master musician who had once played with greats like Eric Dolphy and Freddy Hubbard.

Hutcherson was never as creative an improviser as the supreme Milt Jackson but he was a master of the instrument. ‘Little B’s Poem’, a melody he wrote about his infant son, is a fine example of his thoughtful playing. He was accompanied on this 1965 recording by James Spaulding (flute), Freddy Hubbard (tpt), Herbie Hancock (p), Ron Carter (b) and Joe Chambers (d). Just note that the ‘stars’ of Pop music from the 1960’s onwards are not fit to carry Hutcherson’s music case.

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