Trump Voices Americans’ Terror Fears

Since Donald Trump is not yet the President of the USA, he is not required to wait for 100% certainty before venturing an opinion. He is also at liberty to use Twitter as a means of directly communicating with Americans and thereby navigating around the propaganda arm of our new Ruling Class (Mainstream Media).

This writer does not use Twitter or Facebook, but has to hand it to The Donald for using Twitter so effectively. Not only does he escape the constraints of the lying MSM, but he has thus far waged an election campaign in the Media without putting money into the pockets of the enemy. Pretty smart and evidence that he is several jumps ahead of his opponents. This morning he tweeted a speedy response to the disappearance of EgyptAir Flight 804, “Looks like yet another terrorist attack”, he commentated.

The Associated Press and the New York Post (two of the most pernicious propaganda outlets of the Far Left Media Class) quickly publicized this tweet as evidence that here was Trump making reckless accusations and doing so without justification.

There are undoubtedly millions of Americans who, like us, do not visit Trump’s tweets but who have now read this one, thanks to the AP and NY Post. In their haste to damage him they have hugely amplified his message.

That they did so was a consequence of their second mistake, for their reporters and editors, who inhabit a world of Leftist political correctness, assume that the American people share their own irrational unwillingness to make connections between widespread terrorism carried out solely by Muslims, and Islam the Religion.

Islamic Imperialism (our words for the movement behind the terrorism), is a resurgence of fanatical Muslim expansion that is propagated in the Koran. It had laid dormant for more than 100 years but is now as powerful as it was in the Middle Ages. The reasons for its spectacular rebirth are unclear but we can speculate that the main factors are the creation of Israel in Palestine; the Arab military humiliations suffered since 1948; the Western creations of artificial and poorly functioning Nation States in the Middle East; the moral corruption and materialism caused by obscene oil wealth, and the invasion of the Middle East by a decadent Hollywood/Media culture.

The law of unintended consequences has played a key role in the ambition and success of Islamic Imperialism, for its resurgence has coincided with the internal collapse of Western civilizations brought about by the rise of the Media Class. The entry of this Class into the center of the West’s political and social life has been, like a parasite, eating away at its brain and body for many decades. In many Nation States, particularly in Western Europe and North America, the Media Class, in alliance with the Far Left, has stealthily taken power.

Their combined Revolutionary agenda of unbridled and unnatural sexual license, together with the deliberate obliteration of racial and cultural distinctions now being imposed by Government edict, not only has greatly weakened the people but by destroying their traditional institutions has sapped their ability to resist invasion.

At the very moment when Muslims are becoming confident, vengeful and acquisitive, Western Europe and North America, rotting from within, have Ruling Classes that are inviting Muslims in to assist the destruction of the old (Christian) civilization.

To return to Donald Trump and his tweets on Flight 804!

America is suffering the added ingredient of a President who is a Crypto Muslim, and the MSM’s propagandists are committed to his absolute support. His unwillingness to mention terrorism, and his refusal to link it to Islam when it cannot be denied, has resulted in the MSM assuming that no-one will dare stray from this policy. To do so invites MSM persecution, submission and a groveling retraction.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has dared to suggest in his most recent tweet the obvious probability by using the prohibited words ‘terrorist attack’. (If only he had gone a little further and tweeted ‘Muslim terrorist attack’ – but we’ll settle for his words for now). He will not retract no matter how much of a storm the MSM seeks to create.

He has tweeted what rational Americans suspect about Flight 804 – that its crash into the sea is a result of a Muslim Terrorist bomb or rocket. There will be those in the Media Class, in rarified Academia, and among their brainwashed pupils, who will be outraged by Trump’s tweet. How dare he feed bigotry! Similarly outraged by such ‘reckless expression’ will be the members of the Republican rump -Romney, Sasse, George Will, Christine Todd Whitman, The crumbling Bush dynasty, Thomas Sowell, the WSJ scribblers and Mark Levin, and they will remain mystified by Trump’s increasing poll numbers.

The rest of us foresee the arrival of a President who will be bold, on the ball, indifferent to the MSM attacks, oozing common sense, looking out for America’s people, no hidden agendas, and willing to take action.

What's Your Opinion?