Trump Versus The Mainstream Media

The correct title of this article should be ‘Trump Versus The Media Class And Its Mainstream Media’, but we have long been aware that referring to a ‘Class’, ‘Class War’, ‘Class Conflict’ and ‘Revolution’ is too much European intellectualism and requires too much knowledge of 18th Century and 19th Century history for contemporary Americans.

We start with this observation not to be provocative or insulting to Americans, but because it is how things are, and dealing with reality is a conservative fundamental. We acknowledge that on this website we have failed to reach that part of the American Broad Right that searches for information, news and truth on the Internet. We never broke out of a small place on the fringe, once Free Republic refused to post any reference to our articles. Our belief that the Broad Right included the British National Party and other European Nationalist Parties caused our exclusion.

The BNP had a semi-Socialist economic platform, a centralized internal organization (known in Marxist circles as ‘Democratic Centralism’) and was opposed to Jewish influences in the Media and the financial system. Even under its post-Griffin leadership it most probably resists bottom-up internal democracy, being understandably fearful of paid infiltrators from the Far Left intent on wrecking the Party. We were aware of all the shortcomings of the BNP, but we believed that its uncompromising Nationalism was more relevant to the dire condition of the UK than a concern for pure free market economics. It was, and remains the belief of this website’s writers that Nationalism, in defense of the Nation State and its core citizenry, legitimately belongs within the Broad Right.

As it happens, and we did not foresee it, Nationalism has erupted here in the USA, and whether acknowledged or not, is the fault-line shaping the 2016 contest. It has already torn apart the old Republican Party and may yet detach the White working class from the Democrat Party. Donald Trump is the unlikely leader of an American Nationalist Movement. Last night in Florida he drew a full house of 15,000 and 5,000 more could not squeeze in. We might ponder how many like-minded souls did not attempt to attend, knowing that the venue would be over-subscribed. Clearly, a large body of Americans are still marching with Trump no matter what the MSM and the polls say.

Some Conservatives may not like it, but Trump’s impulsive, instinctive Nationalism has elbowed aside their agenda because defense of the Nation State is more relevant to America’s crisis. The continued existence of the Nation State and the identity and survival of its people are at stake, and the old Party politics have become irrelevant. The great battle is unfolding and lesser issues and the smaller divisions of the Broad Right need to be set aside until the battle is won. If it is lost, nothing will matter to Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

So why has Nationalism forced its way to the fore and why is practicing ‘politics as usual’ a recipe for National suicide and the final defeat of the Broad Right? The answer is – as this website has been saying all along – that America is in the midst of a Revolution, and just because the Revolution is proceeding by stealth and without much bloodshed, does not mean that it is not real. The bloodshed and the barricades may still come if Trump wins the White House, because the Revolutionaries will not be bound by the old rules of ‘politics as usual’. They will resist by any and every means and they have control of Government and communication.

So why are we experiencing a Revolution? Because a new Class has been created (by technology) with enough power to capture Government and become America’s first Ruling Class.

America has always had classes, at least since industrialization, but its development as a mobile society, founded in opposition to central government, spread across a huge and varied continent, with so many competing centers of economic power and subtly differing cultures, and a Constitution written to limit Government, made it resistant to rule by one class. But the trend of urbanization, the presence of an un-integrated minority, and the result of a civil war which resulted in a victory for Federal power and a defeat for States’ ‘confederal’ power, has steadily weakened resistance to a Ruling Class.

Many times previously we have outlined the accidental creation of the Media Class, its growth and expansion, and its alliance with the Far Left. We have identified its awesome weapon -the Mainstream Media. We have explained how the MSM, as the voice and propaganda weapon of the Media Class, purged the old Democrat Party of Christian moralists and transformed it and the Unions into a Revolutionary and disciplined movement capable of fighting elections.

We have explained how the Media Class selected Obama, and together with the Democrat Party machine, placed him in the White House. We have explained that a Ruling Class seeks political power in order to make a Revolution and transform society into its own image. We long ago predicted that this Ruling Class, reflecting its composition, would promote homosexuality and perversion as a priority, and in order to do so would suppress and then eliminate the old Christian morality.

We described the comfortable, natural and Revolutionary alliance of the Media Class and the Far Left, and how this shaped the agenda of the Obama Government. We have a Ruling Class alliance that promotes sexual ‘liberation’, economic redistribution and the conversion of America into a Balkanized province of the new world order. In 2008 the Ruling Class alliance relied upon the propaganda power of the MSM but it now has the Government machinery also and so America is nearer to the final transformation.

Donald Trump remains unaware that he is leading a Counter-Revolution and battling a Class war. He is only dimly aware that because the Revolution owns the Government and the MSM, Big Business is no longer interested in free markets or Nationalism. When Trump took on the Republicans in the primaries, the MSM cared little who won, for their agenda is the election of the Democrat candidate to the White House so that their Revolution can proceed to completion.

Trump, although he doesn’t know it is in conflict, not with the Democrat Party (a mere subsidiary of the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies) but with the Ruling Class, semi-concealed though it remains. At this point in the election conflict, its MSM is concentrated on destroying him and his followers. He faces a propaganda machine unparalleled in history and is denied a direct Media contact with the people. Only on the Internet has he a communications channel to the people, and via his mass meetings. If his campaign remains viable, the Government will increasingly openly intervene.

The MSM is not a collection of semi-independent organizations with a variety of agendas, but the disciplined voice of a Ruling Class and its allies. He is, not surprisingly, losing against this propaganda machine. Those who attribute his loss to campaign mistakes, and advocate, ‘getting back to attacking Clinton’ as the answer, are woefully wrong. No matter what Trump does, the MSM will seek to destroy him by lies, smears and inventions.

Here is an anecdote. Last weekend we entertained some middle-class friends and the intelligent wife asked my wife about Hillary Clinton. When my wife began talking about Hillary’s email scandal, the woman had no idea what this was. Such is the power of the MSM over ordinary people who are not paying close attention.

Trump is meeting at his rallies those who pay close attention, and he may be reassured by their numbers. But most people are wholly influenced by the MSM, and even those cynics who ration their exposure to it, are influenced. For the MSM practitioners, like their comrades in Hollywood, are extremely skilled and totally dishonest. Trump will not succeed in using the MSM for this is not the primaries. He must talk directly to the people at all times via Talk Radio, the Internet, mass leafleting and endless mass rallies, and he must expose the MSM as the voice of a new Revolutionary Ruling Class.


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