Trump To Bulldoze Through Convention

The attempts to thwart the will of the voters who swarmed to the Republican primaries to select Donald Trump have failed. The sinister Internationalist forces and peeved primary losers could not survive the daylight. Trump will be officially chosen this week and we predict he will enjoy a rousing reception, not only from the Party’s rank-and-file gathered there, but from millions of patriotic Americans who normally ignore the phony games of a smug, greedy, corrupted and treacherous Washington-based political establishment.

Trump has emerged victorious from a long and testing primary competition and now is certain to emerge from the Convention as a winner – and all against the odds. How has he done this?

Many will say that it is because he has mastered the new Media. Others will put it down to his Showbiz savvy. A few will put it down to his personal wealth. But all of these factors could just as easily have counted against him. Personal wealth arouses envy and suspicion (except for Hollywood people and Democrats), Showbiz gimmicks are viewed by many on the Right as shallow, and the new media cuts both ways.

Trump has been endlessly slated in the Mainstream Media for his ruthless business tactics. At the same time the Internationalist collaborators in the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Pages have regularly alleged his bank account is empty and he is a fraud. Because of his Showbiz successes he has constantly been accused in the same pages as a phony candidate not intending to go the full mile, merely using the candidacy to prop up his failing businesses.

Ted Cruz, Glen Beck and others have used his Showbiz life and early politically guileless public utterances in an attempt to deny him the support of the Christian Right. All of the above will have done him some damage along the way and may have cost him the Mormons. In some cases he has naively provided more ammunition for these charges. Occasionally even the hearts of some of his supporters have sunk, especially when the cunning MSM have misreported him or taken his words out of context. But here he is in Cleveland full of energy and enthusiasm and, whether he knows it or not, leading a Counter-revolution of Nationalists, Christians and Conservatives.

It is this Counter-revolutionary impulse which has propelled him to the front. The ignition of the impulse can be attributed to his demand for a wall with Mexico, which was widely understood as a call for National borders – in effect a repudiation of the Internationalism that has dominated the thinking of the Republican Party Big Business elite for decades. At the same time the call for a Mexican wall was understood by the Obama-led Far Left, as an attack on their ‘change America’ policy of mass immigration, multi-racialism and multi-culturalism

In one sentence issued from the Trump Towers, The Donald brought down on his head the full fury not only of the Internationalist elite, Big Business, and the Republican Party collaborators, but the Far Left Revolutionaries and the all-powerful MSM. If he had, like so many before him, hastily retracted his words and groveled, his candidacy would have ended there. Instead, he doubled down, and Americans of the Broad Right sensed that at last they had found a voice.

Soon after Trump called for a halt on the Muslim immigration that the crypto-Muslim in the White House is masterminding under cover, thanks to the MSM. Again The Donald weathered the storm of bigotry-denunciations orchestrated by the MSM. And in response his public meetings grew into Nationalist rallies. He has not gone nearly far enough in dealing with the Islamist infiltration (visit on YouTube July 18 the speech with subtitles of Marion Marechal Le Pen for some plain speaking!), but it is certain that his followers and many undecided Americans ache for a halt to all immigration and a crack-down on Islam in America.

Michael Savage, the Jewish nationally syndicated Talk Radio Host from San Francisco, has long courageously campaigned as a Nationalist for the protection of America’s borders, language and culture. He was an early promoter of Trump’s primary campaign and The Donald has been interviewed regularly on his Show, ‘The Savage Nation’. In the most recent of the interviews Trump revealed that he is a regular listener. If so, we can hope that he shares Savage’s commitment to borders, language and culture, and all that will entail if he gets to the White House.

It is good news that the Bush family, John McCain, Mitt Romney and other Internationalists are not in Cleveland. Let them found a new Party or better still join the Democrat Party. Jeb Bush -old ‘Tippy-toes’, he with the foaming oratory, will be able to win converts in the back rooms of small neighborhood public libraries with the needle-clicking knitters, stamp collectors, readers of old reference books and those who like peace and quiet and free air-conditioning. What a pathetic public figure he has become, and, since breaking his oath to support the eventual winner, a man without honor.

What unites this gang of Republican rejects is their attachment to Big Business money and the trappings of power. They will fade away when either Trump or Hillary wins in November. Then their back-stabbing will not be required by the MSM And whilst on the subject of back-stabbers, none can match the WSJ’s Bret (Israel First) Stephens. Today he writes on America’s national decline and personal character in order to persuade Americans not to vote for Donald Trump in November so that Hilary Clinton can continue Obama’s revolution. What is at stake in November, writes Stephens, is not the next President but the identity of the GOP. What is at stake in November is the identity of the USA, but then Stephens only worries about the future of Israel.

Today there is some good news. As Hillary Clinton, who Bret (Israel First) Stephens wants to help get into the White House, is about to pander to a Black audience by elevating Black thugs into race martyrs, Circuit Judge Barry Williams (please note he is not a Federal Judge) in Baltimore cleared Police Lt. Brian Rice of all charges in the death of small-time criminal Freddie Gray. This was the third defeat for Baltimore’s aspiring Far Left State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Another of the six police officers charged in this politically motivated persecution of police officers has to be re-tried and the remaining two face lesser charges. Unfortunately Baltimore’s mayor, who like Mosby is also Black and an aspiring Far Left politician, is preparing to place Rice before an administrative review. He will probably follow a number of other police officers who did their duty dealing with Black criminals and then lost their careers and the safety of themselves and their families in this Revolutionary time.

We mention ‘Revolutionary time’ because some of the police officers now being assassinated b politically-agitated Blacks are Black. In the polarized Revolutionary world Obama and his comrades have created, those Blacks who try to uphold a lawful, traditional society have been branded race-traitors.

Probably no- one is now more hated and despised as a race-traitor by Obama, his Far Left Democrats and the Black ‘community’ than Darryl Glenn, who spoke so well in Cleveland yesterday. Glenn is from Colorado and is running against a sitting Democrat Senator, White Michael Bennet. Glenn is only 6% behind according to opinion polls and we hope all White patriots in Colorado will vote for him.

More good news! Real marriage is still a plank in the Republican election platform. The LGBT infiltrators failed to remove it and if Trump wins in November he had better rid America of same-sex marriage as a step toward making the Nation great again.

The MSM is full of lying propaganda. It reported that Republican Ken Cuccinelli was part of the ‘never Trump’ campaign. Not true! Cuccinelli has quickly gone on record to record that he will be voting for The Donald.

In all the American MSM reports I have read regarding the massacre of Nice, not one has mentioned Marine Le Pen and the French National Front. Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens will approve of this omission for he hears jack-boots marching to Trump rallies, so the ‘Front National’ must give him nightmares. We can be sure that Mrs. Le Pen is way up there in the French opinion polls after Mohammed Bouhlel’s Muslim rampage. (Visit YouTube and see and hear Marion Marechal Le Pen of the FN!)

Nice, France last week and now the little gory Muslim rampage on the train to Warzburg, South Germany should convince sane good Americans that they need to be armed in public places. Every day the crypto-Muslim in the White House is bringing in and resettling in our midst more recruits who will shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ when they sacrifice themselves and us for Islamic Imperialism. It is reliably reported that a 17 year old male refugee recently from Afghanistan used an axe to attack train passengers. At the time of writing three passengers, who may be Chinese tourists, were critically injured and another attacked on the platform before armed police shot the youth who had shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Our MSM will bury this news as quickly as possible and focus on Melanie Trump’s patriotic Cleveland speech. Well, not focus on it, for the content is not music to their collective ears. They are busy asserting she lifted it from a speech by the plump Michelle Obama who once claimed she only became proud of America when her husband was elected to the White House and its honey-pot. Michelle’s speech, that was supposedly lifted, was all about Obama’s deprived childhood and how he had overcome adversity. He was in fact a pampered child and youth who received an early Muslim education before becoming a Far Left agitator. He lies and she lies!

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