Trump Tirelessly On Offence

On this Labor Day when many are taking things easy, Donald Trump is in Ohio meeting with Labor representatives and then going on to another meeting in the State. Ohio is a State he can win with the help of the working people whose interests he has at heart. Unfortunately it is also the State represented by a Republican renegade and back-stabber whose name I will not mention.

Tomorrow he is in Virginia for a meeting in Virginia Beach at 2pm and then on to Greenville, North Carolina, for a rally at 7pm. Not bad for a man well past retirement age and in stark contrast to the ailing Hillary Clinton!

So much for those Globalists at the Wall Street Journal who repeatedly asserted that Trump was not seriously seeking the Presidency. Remember how often they wrote columns about how Trump was only using the campaign to sell his merchandise and salvage a bankrupt business? Bret (Israel First) Stephens and his footloose sell-out comrades should be made to eat their words.

One result of Trump’s tireless campaigning is that Hillary has had to be prised out of the White, wealthy, Far Left Hamptons and get back on what passes for a Clinton campaign trail, i.e. small gatherings of the faithful, and cozy chats with her MSM propagandists.

The experts say that Labor Day is when the campaign starts in earnest. Not True! The campaign has been furiously waged by the MSM against Trump ever since the Conventions, and bolstered by a Clinton advertising campaign that only a small army of billionaires could bankroll. Despite this Trump is here at Labor Day, still competitive and on the offense. What a patriot!

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