Trump Stands His Ground

One of the things this website likes about The Donald is his absolute refusal to walk back anything he has said, no matter how much the MSM and the RINOS orchestrate simulated progressive outrage. One of the most depressing things about conservative and Right wing politics over the last 20 years of Media Rule has been the panic-stricken and groveling apologies issued by people supposedly on our side. And almost always for just for saying something that was too truthful for the comfort of our enemies.

It is not only their prostrating surrenders that sicken but the failure to grasp that surrender never achieves MSM approval and only demoralizes comrades. How often have we thought ‘if only one of ours would double down on the truth’.

Well, now we seem to have a Rightwing candidate for office who delights in doubling down and who attacks the MSM hacks instead of galloping to their cameras and microphones to express profound contrition. This weekend Trump, who is continuing to campaign and confound all those who predicted he wasn’t politically serious, laid into the arch RINO from Arizona, John McCain.

In case anyone didn’t know, McCain has long been America’s best-known war hero and a Republican Senator whose modus operandi is to court the MSM by attacking his conservative colleagues. Whenever the MSM seeks a Republican to denounce and define Right wing ‘extremism‘, war hero McCain is ready, willing and able. His latest quote tailored for the MSM was that those who like Trump can be dismissed as ‘crazies’. This word must have been music to the ears of every Revolutionary Leftist MSM reporter.

Sensing an opportunity to cement the description ‘crazies’ in the public mind, place the growing number of ‘Trumpites’ outside the political mainstream and put Trump on the defensive, The Donald was invited by a MSM interviewer to respond to McCain‘s attack. Trump’s response was to shift the topic from a denunciation of the mental health of his supporters to a discussion of McCain’s war hero reputation. Trump shocked the MSM and all RINOS by unexpectedly impugning McCain’s war hero reputation. It seems the The Donald casually answered that he is not all that impressed with it and thinks that there are many ex-military men and women who are far more deserving of recognition as heroes and yet who are forgotten. He went even further and accused McCain as a legislator of years spent ignoring the plight of wounded veterans.

One can only imagine what these accusations have done to McCain’s digestive system. This writer would have liked to be a fly on the wall when the extremely sensitive, notoriously thin-skinned and explosive McCain received news of Trump’s comments.

The MSM and all RINOS, have been quick to exploit what they see as Trump’s banana skin slip and surely assumed that this time he would be forced by MSM orchestrated outrage to issue a groveling apology. They know that once Trump is forced to retreat on a statement, his reputation as a fearless fighter will be in ruins and his new followers will perceive feet of clay.

Once again, however they have underestimated The Donald, for not only has he not walked back his accusations but has repeated them, demonstrating to his followers his fearlessness. The Media/RINO furore is not yet over but it has once again flushed out the spineless Republican candidates. Like McCain, when the MSM reveals expectations of comrade denunciations, Perry, Bush, Graham and gang are ready to huff and puff in front of the cameras.

Trump has so far been restrained about McCain’s war hero reputation but he must surely be aware that there are a number of reputable investigators who in the past have cast doubt on the McCain Vietnam public record. Indeed, like Obama’s birth and college record, McCain’s time as a prisoner of war may have been not as heroic as we assume. We would suggest our website visitors read the website article UNZ Review, March 9th: “John McCain: When ‘Tokyo Rose’ Ran For President” which lays out the history and references of investigations that claim that McCain was anything but a hero once in the custody of the Communist Vietnamese. Frankly, on this website we never condemn people who succumb to torture, deprivation and incarceration and co-operate with captors. There but for the grace of God! But McCain has dined out for too many years on his Vietnam reputation and deserves to be held to account for his many subsequent treacherous, self-serving betrayals of political comrades.

The Donald may well emerge from this latest well-publicized episode even stronger.

Our last article appears to have left one or two website visitors confused. For the record we accuse our President of being a crypto Muslim and we compare the contemporary march of Islamic Imperialism to the march of Soviet Communism from the 1930’s to 1960’s. Both are revolutionary totalitarian systems whose stated aim is to reach into every aspect of every individual’s life, demanding complete obedience. What we claim is that psychopaths, always directed by opportunism, are greatly attracted to powerful, intolerant and unprincipled movements that have limitless ambitions.


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  1. Exactly right on all that!Trump is the silent majority’s voice that says no to apologizing and walking on egg shells so as not to emberass someone who needs to be called what they are-unlike p upper Rubio who so u nded like a Jr high school student mocking the teacher in class..Maybe he needs to shut up more and take lessons from the Donald; )))

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