Trump Shows Guts Whilst Republican Pussies Desert Battlefield

We are not going to analyze last night’s debate, for all our website visitors will have watched this make-or break event and drawn their own conclusions. We are confident that all will have breathed more than one sigh of relief that The Donald is not only not on the ropes, but on offence.

Today he is in Ambridge, PA where another record crowd of good American citizens is lining up to help him on his way to the White House. This week he has 14 rallies planned, not bad going for a 70 year old who has already been on a hectic campaign trail for many, many months. As he greets the waiting crowd he looks as energetic, confident and pugnacious as ever. He is clearly the man for the times.

If anyone on the Broad Right wondered if the Wall Street Journal experts were right when they repeatedly wrote that he was a dilettante, a dabbler, an amateur, who would drop out as soon as things got tough, and that he was only interested in advertising his goods, last night was solid proof that Trump is a deadly serious patriot with the backbone we need.

What a fighter he is proving to be! He has taken every blow the entire MSM can deliver, including many below the belt. He has fought rounds with the referees and timekeepers on his opponents side. He has been repeatedly stabbed in the back by people in his own camp and has brushed aside desertions by Republican Party pussies.

As Trump has never visited this website he cannot have been prepared for the onslaught his mild Nationalism has brought down on his head. Yet he has demonstrated resilience, total unwavering commitment to our cause, self-confidence and unflinching courage. Last night, when he quietly warned Hillary Clinton that a President Trump will put her behind bars, he showed the cool aggression and gloves-off style we desperately need. The other highlight for this writer was when he challenged her to put some of her own wealth into her campaign. Wow!

Trump’s unique campaign in unique times has laid bare the fault lines of America’s politics. Exposed fault lines result in exposed politicians and we now see that much of the Republican leadership has indulged in a sham resistance to the Media Class Revolution. We realize why the Republicans in Congress have failed to halt the Obama juggernaut of un-Constitutional edicts. The Bush family, a poster-family for feeble resistance to the Far Left, is, when the chips are down, comfortable with a Clinton in the White House, comfortable with 4 years of a march to Totalitarianism, and comfortable with the White House being used to enrich insiders.

One old politician who has come well out of these exposing times is presidential candidate Bob Dole. I take back any harsh things I have ever written about him. He has remained loyal when too many prematurely deserted in the belief that Trump was down for the count. Hopefully the gutless pussies and the treacherous collaborators will be made to pay next year, for I get the impression that Trump is unforgiving and not afraid of power. The rank-and-file of the Republican Party will also be unforgiving.

The latest news is that the talent-less Media-creature Yoko Ono, has stunned reporters by casually revealing that she had an affair with Hillary Clinton back in the 1970’s. She could be merely seeking a moment of the fame to which she was once addicted and able to exploit for money, but if true, it explains everything about the Clinton ‘marriage’ and its durability as a political business operation. I assume that Hillary was the butch to Yoko’s exotic, bespectacled little girl. We can see that Hillary has been used to being on top in life!

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