Trump Should Tell Mr. Khan

Donald Trump may have seemed to step in it by attacking Khan and his wife, following their highly political speech at the Democrat Convention. The Mainstream Media, whose daily priority is to take Trump out, believes it has succeeded in inflicting a permanent wound.

One of Trump’s great character strengths is that he does not retreat or surrender any ground, and looks to counter-attack. He can still win this by staying on the offensive.

First Khan and his wife have not been in the forefront of the fight against Islam. Has Mr. Khan done military service for America? When did they publicly call for meetings of ‘Muslims Against Islamic Imperialism’ and thus risk their lives at the hands of fellow Muslims?

Donald Trump, by calling for a ban on Muslim immigration has put the lives of himself and his family in the greatest permanent danger. He is probably the number one on the Muslim terrorist assassination list in the USA, and his family not far behind. Since Trump’s patriotic stand has also upset millions of Mexicans, including their vicious, merciless gangs, he has made more enemies. To add to the sacrifice he has made of personal safety, he has antagonized the Revolutionary Left with its long history of violent reprisals.

Trump should quote the old saying ‘One swallow doesn’t make a summer’. One Muslim in an American uniform and fighting ISIS doesn’t in the slightest alter the hard reality that already many Muslims in the uniforms of American citizenship and holding American visas have murdered, attacked and plotted against us. Even as this Khan/MSM spat goes on, Trump can confidently point out that untold numbers of Muslims in America are plotting death and destruction for us. Our own security services confirm this. Unfortunately, the ultimate sacrifice Khan’s son made does not in the slightest outweigh the threat that Muslims on American soil poses.

Furthermore, it is his fellow-Muslims in vast numbers in Europe who are killing, terrorizing and turning life upside down. The existence of a handful of Muslim apostates (for that is how the Muslim world regards Muslims who fight Islamic Imperialism) are no justification for opening the borders to an enemy religion.

On this website we normally view the death of a child as justification for extending great sympathy to parents, but the Khans have inserted themselves into a political struggle that is life and death for the American people, and they have inserted themselves on the wrong side. They have stepped out of their private world of grief, and willingly helped those who would open our borders to the world, are importing dangerous Muslims and distributing them strategically around America, intending to disarm America’s good people, bankrupting the country, and spreading perversion among the young.

Trump should reveal to Americans the threat that Khan has become with his political agenda.

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