Trump Should Be in Montana, Not Rome!

Am I the only Broad Right commentator who felt like gagging when I saw the pictures of Donald Trump and his wife cow-towing to the Pope in Rome? I suppose an argument can be made for Trump doing a grand tour of the Middle East, but I can’t think of one that will win over me. The military contracts he arranged with the Saudis will bring jobs to America but my guess is that they were arranged some weeks ago behind closed doors, and were only signed on this tour for political publicity.

As for visiting Israel and getting embroiled in the Israel/Palestinian saga, I see it only as time-wasting. Even if The Donald brokers a deal between the two that brings peace (and pigs might fly), neither the American Media nor America’s Democrat-funding Jews will give him any credit. Ever!

These Presidential tours to foreign capitals are what orthodox Presidents do and they are usually packaged in Media puff. Why Trump chose to follow the routine is beyond me. I don’t believe they create friendships and understandings between leaders or between nations.

Trump may have been ‘advised’ by experts at the State Department that such visits are expected. If so, it suggests that he is easily led. Bad News!

He may have been advised by people in his political circle that the tour would distract the enemy MSM from their wicked Russia narrative. If so, he is being advised by nincompoops. Very bad news!!

He may be trying to please his wife. Many wives of politicians, condemned to playing second fiddle, have a desire to get into the limelight and get some reward for their sacrifices. Women love to dress up for the cameras and the family album. Pictures of Mrs. Trump, dressed in black and veiled, were a high price to pay. Extremely bad news!

Perhaps The Donald himself could not resist the opportunity to look Presidential and be important on the world stage. If so, he is woefully unaware of the state of the civil war here at home. As the leader and general of a counter-revolution that is failing to make significant gains and is now facing strangulation, he needs to be not only in this country, but campaigning among his own followers. Their morale needs boosting.

Day by day there is mounting evidence that the ruling Media Class is winning their propaganda offensive, shutting down free speech in the MSM, and tightening control of the Internet. Trump has been using Twitter and the social networks to by-pass the enemy MSM and communicate with his followers, but all the Internet is under the control of dedicated enemies of America.

Fox, which we have in the past described as a ‘maverick’, and an alternative of sorts to the rest of the MSM, is now lining up with the rest. The perverts at Fox News have won!

This last week, Trump should have been holding mass rallies of followers in the heartland and master-minding the take-over of the Republican Party at the grass roots. He should have been campaigning in Montana and Georgia, and leaning on the spineless Republicans in Congress to get a Healthcare Bill passed, the wall fully funded, and working to deprive the Internet barons of their power.

Let me finish by admitting that I would not cross my road to speak to that old Argentinian Communist-in-a-frock.


Today I received an email request for a contribution to the National Center for Police Defense, Inc., to help out Police Officer Betty Shelby. She was recently acquitted by a jury in Tulsa, Oklahoma, having been tried for manslaughter, after the shooting of a threatening man. Mrs. Shelby followed police guidelines and was clearly defending her own life in the line of duty. What I cannot understand is why an Oklahoma DA would charge her as a criminal. Surely an internal police investigation would have been sufficient?

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