Trump Represents Working People

The latest news on political funding shows Hillary Clinton has received $123M from Hedge Fund personnel in 2016 and Donald Trump has received $19,000. Clinton is the representative of Wall Street’s money-changers. She is also funded by most of the richest Big Business Internationalists including George Soros, the Pritzkers, James Simons, Donald Sussman and Michael Bloomberg. She is certainly riding high on Jewish money!

Given that Wall Street is anti-Trump, it is no surprise that the Wall Street Journal continues relentlessly to attack Trump, and for once the Newspaper’s reporting staff and the editorial/Opinion writers are united. We can assume that all of them are aware that Hillary Clinton is a proven massive security risk, was not at the telephone at 3 am when an Ambassador was trapped by terrorists, has accumulated huge private wealth by selling influence to foreign rulers, has persecuted the female victims of her husband’s uncontrollable lechery, will take into the White House a husband whose scandalous womanizing as President made him an international dirty joke, has escaped Justice and is a shameless liar at all times.

To justify plotting to defeat Trump, the same people find technical fault with his past business deals, swoon over his unpleasant lack of genteel manners, are horrified that some of his followers lack college education, (overlooking the educational shortcomings of Hillary’s Black vote), assert he is a security risk, are shocked that he insists on maintaining order at his rallies, and condemn him for not being a gentleman!

Clearly the opposition of the rich (and I have not even mentioned the Clinton funding by decadent Hollywood’s perverts and libertines) is motivated by reasons that will not stand the light of day. One thing is certain, Trump’s rich enemies are not motivated by a concern for the Nation (Clinton will grow Obama’s 19 trillion dollars of American debt to a much larger number), or its working people. It is clear that the rich who inhabit America’s Big Business and Financial Worlds are without principle, are robbing the people, and like maggots are unwilling to abandon the carcass on which they feed.

Of course, the opposition to Trump and the good working people who pack his rallies, extends well beyond the Big Business and Financial worlds. The Media Ruling Class understands that a Trump election victory will amount to a moral Counter-Revolution and almost certainly unleash a moral backlash. He is hated by these libertines and perverts, not because of greed but because his followers ache for a return to public normalcy.

Trump’s followers are also people who benefit from law and order and so Trump’s law and order platform excites them and angers those who hate common-sense judgementalism. It is no coincidence that three books reviewed in today’s WSJ are highly critical of America’s policemen, use false statistics to claim that crime is being exaggerated, and that aggressive policing is counter-productive. The reviewer, academic Edward Stringham of Trinity College Hartford, is promoting the three books and attacking Heather MacDonald’s “The War On Cops”.

The heading of the article “The Crisis in American Policing” is intended to define today’s Obama -inspired lawlessness as a problem caused by the police. It is, of course really a problem of African- Americans’ failure to integrate with other racial groups and failure to enter the workforce. The reasons deserve debate, but Stringham, Barry Latzer, Del Wilber and Norm Stamper (the three authors) are not willing to confront America’s Black problem. They will not acknowledge that crime is miniscule among Oriental Americans and dark-skinned Indian Americans, despite many social and economic challenges. Instead, they and the DOJ are attacking the men and women on the front-line of civilization.

Soon the police will also have to wage a parallel war with Islam, thanks to the crypto-Muslim in the White House. When that war becomes inescapably violent and marked by civil unrest, the police will again be blamed by academics who take shelter in Ivory Towers and gated communities sited far from the ghettos.

When young Blacks, in groups, track lone Whites and Asians and then violently attack them, often robbing their victims but always filming themselves, many such crimes go unreported. The victims are often too intimidated to seek justice and know that in today’s social/political (Revolutionary) climate, no-one will be held to account. Just for the sake of the statistics that Stringham relies on, when three Blacks attack and escape, is that one crime or three? And what about the frequent store invasions by gangs of young Blacks that generate multiple undocumented crimes?

When Blacks riot, loot and burn business areas over several nights of disorder, how are such crimes counted to produce accurate statistics? The answer is that in today’s predominantly criminal urban world of Black violence the statistics are meaningless. And spare a thought for those vulnerable Blacks who are trapped in ghetto public housing, suffer daily criminal behavior and dare not complain.

From my own personal experience I can speak with authority. In many British cities, much petty crime goes unreported. Wheels stolen from parked cars at night, tires slashed, car doors scratched, bicycles stolen from yards, blatant shop-lifting by physically-intimidating people are typical of the crimes that victims don’t bother to report. The law-abiding know that a phone call to the police will result in little or nothing happening. Sometimes some paper-work is completed but the police will admit that no action is going to be taken.

Michael Brown’s attack on the Asian shop assistant and the theft by him and his pal would not have been reported. When the police are discouraged from aggressive policing of ‘small’ crimes, or see ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ Court justice by liberal judges, decent poor people suffer and liberal academics in Trinity College and elsewhere smugly claim that crime has fallen because there is more tolerance.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their fellow agitators deserve no toleration from politicians and no respectability from genuine, objective intellectuals, because the incidents on which they build a Revolutionary platform and riot over, are bogus – as is the “police crisis’ that Stringham headlines. The crisis can be solved in November by electing Donald Trump!

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  1. Crime in the most rich New Jersey county is hidden from the public, to preserve housing prices. I live in Monmouth county which is one of New Jersey’s most rich counties.

    Few years back there was a home invasion which cost the life of a coworker of mine. He was bound, tortured, shot in the head and then the house set on fire. Newspapers did all they could to make it look like “robbery gone wrong” bull&^*t situation……

    Few months later they showed the perpetrator pictures…….2 black apes from Asbury Park.

    They are predators, always remember that when around them.

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