Trump Pacing For A Marathon?

Many members of the Broad Right -including this writer – have been increasingly perplexed by Donald Trump’s campaign strategy. Has he miscalculated the cunning, unity and dedication of the Mainstream Media (MSM), lulled into thinking it would give him the same coverage against Clinton that it gave against Republican rivals in the primary campaign? Was he not expecting a negative onslaught, unparalleled in previous anti-Right Presidential campaigns?

On this website we certainly expected the ferocious attacks he is now receiving, we expected the reporters’ lies to be even more brazen than ever, and the thin mask of MSM objectivity to be cast aside. This is after all, almost 8 years on in a Revolutionary program intended to transform America by crushing for ever the forces of the Broad Right – Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism. What began as a stealthy transformation led by a lying, smooth-talking but dedicated Far Leftist, sponsored by the Media Class billionaires of Hollywood, and reinforced and masked by the propaganda of the MSM, is now on the cusp of completion.

Another year or two of a Revolutionary Presidency employing the powers of a lawless Government machinery, will be sufficient to end free speech, confiscate the people’s guns, criminalize traditional Christian beliefs, Federalize and politicize the Nation’s police forces, completely purge the armed forces of patriots, and swamp the native people with Third Worlders and un-Americans. So, for the Revolutionary forces, every gain of the last 8 years is at risk in November.

It might have been a little different if a Jeb Bush, a Marco Rubio, a Lindsay Graham, a Carly Fiorina or a Kasich had won the Republican nomination. The MSM would still have been biased but not terrified by the possibility of a collaborationist gaining the White House. The timetable for complete victory would have been a little delayed and the advance to a soft totalitarianism a little slower but the end would have been assured.

Donald Trump’s unexpected entry into the campaign forefront and his even more unexpected ignition of an American Nationalism that had seemed long-dead, worried the Media Class and Far Left, but it was assumed that Trump was not really serious, had little idea what he had taken on, and would do no more than destroy the Republican Party.

The Media Class knew Hillary Clinton was a poor candidate with a baggage of criminality, little genuine attachment to the Revolution agenda, and intent on personal financial enrichment, but the MSM has been confident that it can put a monkey in the White House if necessary. Until it became clear that Trump has grown into a genuine Nationalist, has an inspiring message, endless energy and fight, and leads a movement that is bigger and more determined than the Republican Party. And so he MUST be destroyed before November.

Trump clearly is not running out of steam or commitment and he knows that the MSM is America’s real enemy. He is now expanding his organization, and on Friday he will begin placing campaign adverts in Florida and other battleground States. He is also taking the fight to the Democrat Party’s White heartlands. It is beginning to look as though he has been pacing his campaign like a distance runner, conserving his resources and now preparing for the sprint to the finishing post. The Revolution’s horse in this race is a tired old nag and will need maximum MSM help to reach the finishing post. We hope Trump has a big heart, strong legs and a bullet-proof coat.

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