Trump Marks Time in Dallas

“Why yet another article about Trump?” you might ask. Good question!

Ordinary Americans are suffering from the agenda of a truly Revolutionary regime, yet, while greatly agitated, they remain only hazily aware of why and how. They do know that Obama in the White House is the source of the stream of extremist edicts that have replaced legislation, that their traditional Christian society is being destroyed, that the Federal Courts have been morally and politically corrupted, that exercising free speech has become dangerous, that the Federal government is now a Leviathan monster, that America as a Nation State is being dismantled and racially transformed, and that time is rapidly running out for resistance. And angrily, they have come to realize that electing conventional Republicans to Congress makes not the slightest difference.

These factors – and especially the knowledge that time is rapidly running out – explain why the Republican Primary contest has exploded into life so early and why the anti-Republican Republican Donald Trump leads in the polls and last night drew 20,000 wildly enthusiastic supporters to the AA Center in Dallas.

Because the Trump candidacy has ignited American Nationalism at five minutes before midnight, this website has to give it priority. As we have written before, it is not so much Donald Trump, but his army, that we have to march with. And a battalion of his army was on display last night in Dallas.

This article is being written in the knowledge that the latest opinion polls – if they are to be believed – show Trump’s lead being eaten away by Ben Carson. True or not, the 20,000 Texans represent a formidable force. They came, young, old and middle-aged, men and women, rich and poor, with massive enthusiasm. The stadium was packed to the rafters and it seemed as though every person was carrying a sign and ready to give voice. This was not an audience of curious sight-seers but an army not many steps away from armed rebellion.

Before we could believe that Carson is near to replacing Trump in the lead, we would want to see him drawing such crowds. There is little in Trump’s appearance and demeanor at these rallies to suggest that his supporters are drawn by charisma, glamour or a theatrical, staged performance. Apart from his comic hair-style about which he jokes, he dresses with ordinary, conventional dignity, strolls into the arena, waving modestly, smiling and relaxed. For anyone looking for ‘an experience’ Trump’s performance must be an anti-climax. He chats to the audience, occasionally responding to a shout from within the crowd and never gets into a structured, temperature-raising speech. We describe this lack of presentation, not to criticize, for it may be one of his strengths that he is relaxed and ordinary. What it reveals is that the 20,000 are not there for a celebrity performance, a rousing speech or new political insights.

So, why are they there, for this is important? We say they are there to make their presence, their identity, their dissatisfaction and their determination known to those Republican legislators who are betraying the Nation. And The Donald, who acts and chats like an ordinary American -not a politician – and quietly says he means business, is their symbol and their standard-bearer.

Trump talks about himself too much. He boasts too much. So far he hasn’t added much to his initial statements on what he will do in the White House, but he presents himself honestly, warts and all, and he is clearly not bought-and-paid for by any hidden forces. His personal freedom from obligation and his Nationalist agenda, vaguely expressed though it is at this time, is sufficient to lift him above all other contenders and inspire trust.

In Dallas last night he appeared content to mark time politically and simply connect with his followers.

In the UK, the Labour Party rank-and-file has elected a Far Leftist as leader. This should not surprise Americans, for their own Democrat Party is packed with Far Leftists and the President is a Revolutionary. A Governing Party that legitimizes transgenderism in its public schools, imposes the outrageously ludicrous same-sex marriage on its normal people, invites over its National borders masses of Third World potential welfare recipients and homicidal Muslims, trashes the Nation’s Constitution, packs its Courts with Leftist ideologues, encourages the assassination of policemen, and redistributes lawless populations among the law-abiding, is Far Left. Moreover, the USA is being prepared for totalitarianism.

Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour Party leader, is no more dangerously Leftist than the chilling quintet of Nancy Pelosi, Squaw Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Obama and Harry Reid. The Labour Party leadership and the Democrat Party leadership reflect a rank-and-file that is Far Left and lusting to travel even further Left to totalitarianism.

The origins of this rank-and-file can be found in:

  1. The growth of the dysfunctional ‘family’ which, when occasionally reproducing, can only produce aimless, drug-taking, listless, tatooed, welfare-dependent, angry youths
  2. The preponderance of Government workers
  3. The endless expansion of colleges and educational establishments which simultaneously offer undemanding part-time employment for political agitators and courses in Leftist indoctrination for young minds
  4. Immigration to attract enemies
  5. Continual urban growth so that teeming cities disconnect their populations from nature, the land and all those things that free people from artificiality and confer individuality
  6. An MSM that indoctrinates the population with immoral and Leftist propaganda

There are more reasons, but these will do for the time being. The point is that the Godless, envious, agitated, ideological Far Left is growing in both countries for the same reasons. The big difference is that in the USA the working people are armed. Think about that!

Music Choice

Some happy music is needed and can only be found by going back into the past. Les Paul and Mary Ford’s recording of “The World is Waiting For the Sunrise”. Optimism when America was a united and Christian Nation.


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