Trump Is No Republican Career Politician. Hallelujah!

On this website we have repeatedly expressed concerns that our Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, in desperation over the election result, have been seeking by any means to stop Trump’s entry into the White House.

We saw the Jill Stein/George Soros attempt to reverse the results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Their rationale was that Russia had hacked voting machines. But perhaps they also hoped that sufficient ‘missing’ Democrat votes could be discovered to overturn the Trump majorities.

For the first time in recent history, ballot boxes of Democrat votes could not be found to alter a result. We suspect that the Trump organization, and increasing Republican confidence, ensured that recounts were properly scrutinized – and no new ballot boxes turned up. Also strong legal challenges by Trump’s team resulted in Judges upholding the law.

The next Far Left tactic has been to switch the alleged Russian intervention charge from hacked voting machines to hacked Democrat emails one-sidedly leaked via WikiLeaks. Despite the breath-taking monstrosity of this charge, the whole Mainstream Media and most of the Nation’s local Media have promoted this with a partisan vigor and hysteria unmatched even in the Presidential election contest.

Just to digress for a moment, we point out how the unity of the Media (mainstream and local) and the mobilization of celebrities and Hollywood, can only be explained as evidence of a Class at work pursuing its agenda and desperate to hold on to power. No conspiracy theory could explain such unity of purpose and speed in pursuing a narrative so devoid of legitimacy.

Lagging behind the Media Class in this ‘Russian’ enterprise have been Obama and Clinton. Clinton only took to the MSM microphones to support the Russian story after the two aging Republican publicity hogs, McCain and Graham, had already leapt on board. Still, better late than never, and Hillary has embellished the charge and sanctified it by claiming that she earned Putin’s undying ire with her past condemnation of oppressive Russian policies in Eastern Europe.

Obama has been even more circumspect than Clinton in his utterances but he has authorized his minions at the CIA and FBI to weigh in with anonymous opinions, sans evidence.

Clearly, the forces hell-bent on stopping a Trump presidency have been hoping to use the Russian charge to influence and woo sufficient Republican members of the College of Electors to welsh on their obligation to the Party‘s candidate. Again it looks as though the Trump camp has been busy shoring up the Electors, and so far the MSM has only identified one defector, a Texan with a history of self-invention and false claims.

Very significantly, just yesterday Obama spoke to the Media and whilst reinforcing the Russian hacking story, said (we paraphrase) “when Trump becomes President I hope he will take the Russian hacking seriously”. This statement indicates that Obama knows that the Electoral College vote is now a formality and that Trump will be inaugurated in January.

On this website we take this as meaning that Obama has given up on all legal means to stop Trump and does not intend to intervene using illegal means.

The Ruling Class is an alliance of Media Class and Far Left, and their interests do not always march in lockstep. At this point we suggest that the Media Class is not willing to resort to a civil war to retain the Presidency. However, as we have written several times, the (Revolutionary) Far Left is thirsting for barricades, tumbrels, scaffolds and guillotines. No doubt they see their opportunity arising on the day of the inauguration which will take place on their home ground of Washington DC.

The evidence is that whatever violence erupts, Trump is prepared for it. He has three recently retired Marine generals on board and he has shown in the State recounts and Electoral College challenges that he is both aware of the enemy’s tactics and not willing to concede any ground. He has remained organized, steadfast, aggressive and dynamic during this hugely testing and stressful period following the election.

Trump is no career Republican politician. Hallelujah! A Bush, a Kasich, or a Rubio would have rolled over and been in retreat long before now. A Ted Cruz would have been barricaded in Texas. The enemy’s strategy now – apart from Far Left Inauguration Day mayhem – appears to be to welcome Trump to the White House, not just as a clown but as an illegitimate President lacking a mandate to govern.

The Ruling Class using all the power of its MSM, a Congressional Democrat Party committed to all-out obstructionism, a Federal Court system packed with Far Left appointees, and violent street mobs, intends to thwart all Trump attempts to roll back their Revolutionary achievements. No President in America’s history will have faced such organized hostility.

But if Trump survives an assassin’s bullet and remains in good health, we think he will not wilt, neither will he be caught napping. He has promised 100 days of action, and we hope that not only will he put in place policies to unleash the American economy, but will take steps to smash the propaganda power of the Media Class, crush the Far Left in its academic strongholds and transform the Republican Party into a permanent Broad Right movement.


See YouTube Reality Check by Ben Swann of CBS. The video can also be viewed by pressing the play button on the video below:


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