Trump Is Looking Strong

Since the Mainstream Media deals only in lying propaganda and fantasy; the President of the USA is a lying psychopath; and the Clinton camp is made up of lying crooks, those of us who inhabit the honest world have a constant problem knowing what to believe.

We cannot trust opinion polls, government statistics, Media News, school books, weather forecasts, Supreme Court judges, Popes, or work colleagues in drag, so what chance have we got when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s health? All we can deduce from the ‘News’ we get is that there is something wrong with her health. Other than that, all is speculation and deceit.

Obviously there are people who know the facts – the Clinton camp’s inner circle, the Obama inner cabinet and a chosen few in the MSM, but they won’t tell the truth. If there is something seriously wrong with her health, something that will call into question her ability to handle the Presidency, her inner circle will do all it can to hide the facts and present her as a vibrant, robust superwoman. The MSM will collude with this as best as it can.

It is beginning to look as though her low profile in the campaign to date is not a cunning tactic to hide her unpleasant personality, but a means of hiding a health problem from the voters. Over the weekend, the tactic was defeated by the awkward intervention of reality.

On this website we long ago predicted that Hillary Clinton would not get the Democrat nomination because a powerful and very wealthy homosexual element in the Media Class detested Bill Clinton. We were wrong, for we underestimated the disciplined organization that the Clinton’s have built within the Democrat Party machinery.

We were also wrong when we asserted that Hillary Clinton had been foolish to accept the job of Secretary of State, which we considered a poisoned chalice offered by Obama. The Clintons were smarter than we gave them credit for. Secretary of State gave them the means to amass a huge war chest for the Clinton Foundation and to build an expensive and very powerful network of paid political employees.

When Clinton left the State Department, she and Bill had an army of bought-and -paid-for employees and a war machine that was able to beat back the opposition of the Hollywood billionaires within the Democrat Party. The price of this army was illegal record-keeping at State and an emerging reputation for pay-to-play and extortion. But it was the price that had to be paid for such high stakes. The Clinton’s want the White House in order to pull off the biggest bank heist in history, and to pardon themselves for 30 years of law-breaking. Their quest for power has little to do with politics and ideology and everything to do with personal power and unlimited wealth. They are driven by an insatiable greed.

They cannot stop now, notwithstanding Hillary’s health problems, whether those problems are serious or merely inconvenient. But if the health problems are serious, the intriguing question is will the all-powerful MSM and hidden Media Class, mount a late initiative to oust her and bring in Biden, Sanders, (who may feel he has earned his claim by successfully contesting the Democrat primaries), Warren or Michelle? Or will Obama manufacture a state of emergency? Time is running out!

If Hillary’s health problem is merely an irritant, she, the Media Class, and its Far Left allies have the problem of defeating Trump. He is hanging in despite a poor campaign of fund-raising and advertising, and he is growing in stature and skills. In a campaign reported by an honest MSM he would already be wiping the floor with this unpleasant, screeching woman.

The MSM has been at sixes and sevens dealing with the weekend ‘pneumonia’ episode, but one desperate response has been to place the respective health positions of both candidates on a par. The Wall Street Journal has an editorial headed “Honesty and Presidential Health” and a sub-heading “Trump and Clinton should both be held to the John McCain medical standard”. It also has a half-page article written by a Dr. Siegal headed “Clinton and Trump: Healthy Enough to Serve?”.

The attempt here is to equate the health of Trump and Clinton, as though both are equally sickly. It is a smear tactic on Trump. Yet it is only Clinton who has a health problem. Until now, Donald Trump has been a picture of health, appearing daily at big rallies, often in more than one State on the same day, and covering huge distances. To my knowledge he hasn’t coughed once, staggered on his feet, taken rain checks or even needed a glass of water. His schedule of campaign stops may be the most rigorous of any candidate in history. He has not needed to ‘act’ as though he is in great spirits and excellent health, he has exuded both!

Still, the MSM tactic may backfire, for Trump has recently had a medical exam and has said he will release the results for all to inspect. This will likely reinforce his claim to excellent health, and keep the health issue in the public eye. Has a Presidential campaign ever had such drama?

Here are some poll results to cheer Trumpets.

Utah Policy: Trump 39. Clinton 24. Johnson 13. Mcmullin 9 McMullin is a conservative and a Mormon and was fielded to bring down Trump!

Florida JMCAnalytics: Trump 46. Clinton 42.

UPI/CVoter daily Presidential tracking poll: (National) Trump 48.7, Clinton 45.8

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