Trump In Gettysburg. A Reluctant Politician – Determined Patriot

We implore every website visitor to turn to RSBN TV LIVE and watch and hear Donald Trump’s Gettysburg Address. The refusal of the Mainstream Media to relay his speech to the people of Pennsylvania and America’s restive working people, is sure proof that it’s content will sweep him into the White House.

No evil totalitarian regime in the history of the world has been better equipped than America’s new Ruling Media Class, to smear its opponents and conceal their message. Our Ruling Class has complete ownership and control of the mass media and is employing every part of it to deny the people a contest of political ideas and substitute a campaign of personal destruction.

It dare not allow the American people to learn the content of Trump’s Gettysburg speech, for it was packed with truths about the corruption of Washington DC and the criminal character of Washington’s candidate for President.

And Trump set out his promise to the American people that he will ‘drain the swamp’ where the parasites have been breeding. No wonder our Ruling Media Class, its Far Left allies, and its favored Internationalist Big Business robber barons are desperately determined to hide his political message and take refuge in character assassination.

Trump not only laid bare the evil deeds of our Ruling Class, but set out an action plan for the first 100 days of his Presidency. It will have struck fear and loathing into the hearts of every member of the Media oligarchy, every Far Leftist ideologue, every anti-Christian campaigner, every Washington politician and lackey, every Republican renegade, Federal Government parasites, and every Big Business vulture – in short, the criminal, traitorous manipulators of our ‘rigged’ system.

Term limits for all Congress members, a hiring freeze on Federal Government departments, the cancellation of all Obama’s illegal edicts, an end to ex-politicians’ business influence, the scrapping of Obamacare, vouchers for Christian parents to choose Christian education, an end to sanctuary cities and so many more vital reforms were among the contract he will honor from the White House.

We would like much more – an end to all mass immigration, the speedy expulsion of the UN from our shores; an immediate thorough purging of the Justice Department, the FBI and the Pentagon; no more racial preferences in Government hiring; for starters – but all Trump’s policies will take America in the Right direction.

The MSM black-out on Trump’s Gettysburg address must be circumnavigated by every means available. You can do your bit via email, leafleting your neighborhoods, speaking loudly in the public square, informing your pastors and Church members of Trump’s proposals for Christian education, and sending money to the RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING NETWORK.

All who live in battleground states are blessed with an opportunity to be patriotic. Take it with the same energy that Donald Trump is showing!

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  1. Thank you! Excellent write up…right on target as usual! Also, thank you for posting the link to the Right Side Broadcasting Netwwork..I had no idea it existed.

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