Trump Hits Bullseye

Trump’s call for an immediate halt to all Muslim entry into the USA is so full of common sense as to seem shocking. Since Obama and his Revolutionary regime, promoted by the Mainstream Media (MSM) of the Media Class, entered the White House, America has rapidly been transformed from sanity to insanity. Common sense, a core component of Conservatism, has been in a steady retreat for decades, thanks to the power of the MSM, its control of information and culture, and its corruption of moral standards.

For a people who have been brainwashed into accepting the monstrous nonsense of same-sex marriage as normal; gender as a personal choice; Lady Gaga as an icon; their Nation’s history as a record of shame; an uneducated, ignorant liar as President; and Christians as a threat to National security, where is there a place for common sense?

Only last week, the crypto-Muslim in the White House, who has been boldly denying any relationship between Islamic terrorism and Islam, was able to tell Americans that there was no danger of domestic Islamic terrorism. If any of his Congressional political opponents publicly denounced his nonsense – and Ted Cruz may well have done so – neither this writer nor the American people were informed.

When, a few days later, 14 deaths in San Bernardino once again revealed the dreadful reality of domestic Muslim terrorism, the President, his brethren and his comrades, aided by the MSM, refused to allow it to be acknowledged. Indeed, even as the facts seeped out, revealing (what we had already pointed out on this website) that the two pipe-bomb-making killers were part of a wider Muslim conspiracy, Obama’s secret police chief at the DOJ threatened to punish anyone who dared state the obvious truth. Her threat to punish, not just free speech, but the expression of obvious truth, elicited no public protest from the official Republican opposition.

Only the true political outsider, Donald Trump, in his primary campaign, has been unguardedly and consistently talking common sense about all things, and in layman’s terms. His call for the banning of Muslims at our borders and his statement that the relatives and friends of terrorists are their enablers, are merely the latest examples of his ‘telling it like it is’.

Trump’s common sense truths enrage those who deliberately and daily feed Americans an unchallenged diet of lies as truths, black as white, reality turned on its head, bad as good and good as bad. We refer to the MSM news, the Entertainment media and the politicians and academics who serve the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies. The whole of the Democrat Party and almost all of the upper echelons of the Republican Party, some motivated by rewards and many by fear of the MSM, are consciously complicit in the deceit.

For many ordinary Americans, lazily content to rely on the MSM‘s propaganda, deprivation of truth and common sense has rendered them shockable when exposed to a dose of both. But since Trump welcomes MSM confrontation as free publicity, refuses to back down, indeed doubles down in the face of its attacks, his shock treatment is waking them up. Other Americans, long aware that the MSM is an enemy, that the Nation is being destroyed from within by its President and his allies, and seething with resentment at the unfolding insanity around them, see Trump as the welcome voice of sanity.

Rush Limbaugh this morning suggested that Trump is artfully playing the MSM at its own game, going to extremes to demand their unwilling attention, and that his followers understand he is pursuing the ‘art of deal making’ by staking out an initial position from which painless compromises can be made. We have watched Trump’s rallies and we think that while he may say that is how he would negotiate with foreign governments, Trump is winning popular support because he has tapped into a long suppressed American Nationalism. Those, like us, who are prepared to march with him to the Presidency, aware that his Nationalism is more instinctive than ideological, expect him to mean what he says.

For us, he does not go far enough. Better he advocate a halt to all immigration, a much tougher repudiation of Islam in America, a stronger stance on law and order, a purer commitment to the Constitution, a purging of Obama’s Leftists and perverts from all branches of government and the judiciary, and an end to the MSM monopoly of News.

In the meantime, he has scored a bullseye by calling for a halt to the importation of Muslim terrorists and their sympathizers. We are in a war and should not tolerate an enemy in our midst. His latest call has once again flushed out those among his primary rivals who are willing collaborators with the Ruling Class (such as 1% Lindsay Graham) or are too fearful of the MSM to qualify for respect. Please note which contestants have rushed to the MSM to denounce Trump in outraged language, yet who had nothing to say in public when Loretta Lynch threatened free speech.

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