Trump. GOP Leadership Capitulates

The reports that nine House Chairman have endorsed Donald Trump confirm that the Republican leadership has ceased sulking or hedging bets. Among Trump’s enthusiastic supporters are Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson, Chris Christie and Jan Brewer. Peggy Noonan’s latest article in the Wall Street Journal- definitely Trump friendly – suggests that the WSJ’s editor is falling into line and a recent editorial inched towards Party unity. The Trump train is moving forward and many are scrambling on board.

Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney appear to be on the cusp of founding a Third Party of Two. They will of course enjoy the ecstatic support of a motley band of Internationalists and sore losers, including Mark Levin, the collapsing Bush dynasty, the Wall Street Journal Gang-of-Four, Red State’s Erick Ericksson and the mentally fragile Glen Beck. With such leadership and support the new Party will go far!!

There is much sniping by the scribblers and ‘ We told you so!’ prattling because Trump is now seeking to raise one billion dollars from contributors for the general election campaign. He is given no credit for having stuck to self-funding in the primaries and the snipers are seeking to attack his honesty because he loaned his campaign funds. They are suggesting that all along he knew he would be able to reimburse himself from the general election campaign contributions.

If he raises a large sum -more than he needs to beat Crooked Hillary and Ben Sasse – and reimburses himself, so what? When he embarked on the primary campaign using his own money, he could have had no confidence that he would reach the general election. He clearly self-funded in good faith. He would be a fool, and guilty of betraying his supporters and the Nation, if he attempted to defeat Clinton under-funded. A general election is a very different financial proposition to a primary series, and only a Soros, a Bloomberg, a Bezos, or a Gates could self fund. Trump won the Republican primary contest against rivals who were bought- and-paid-for and now no-one doubts that he will be his own man in November.

All the Republican talk now is who he will select as a running mate and this confirms that the Party accepts his victory. Gingrich looks like a strong possibility and we think he would be a good choice. As Speaker of the House he showed leadership, skill and fight and he would be a useful ally in dealing with Congress. He would definitely be a good fit for Trump and is not an Internationalist. We dislike identity politics but unfortunately the Far Left has used them effectively and the Right cannot afford to put any weapon aside. Having a woman running mate simply to score on identity politics is conceding too much to the Left, but we would be overjoyed if Trump picked Jan Brewer, the former Governor of Arizona. Strong on illegal immigration and borders, Brewer alone stood toe-to-toe with Obama. She was a successful Governor, a supporter of Joe Arpaio, and resolute. A fine woman and she would be confirmation that Trump means border business.

Trump may surprise us or disappoint us with his pick, but the rumored list of possible candidates suggests that he is not afraid to select a strong character. This shows self-confidence and goals beyond self-promotion. At all Trump’s rallies he never hesitated to hand over the microphone to others and stand aside patiently and supportively. That is the character of a true leader!

This last week, the Amtrak train crash story surfaced in the MSM. All the reports were written to imply that the cause of the crash (8 died and hundreds were injured) remains a mystery. This despite the fact that last May13th the train raced into a bend at more than 100 miles per hour, almost twice the permitted speed.

Our regular website visitors will know that we have monitored the official and MSM responses to this tragedy once we learned that the engineer in charge of the train that night was an active homosexual. 32 year old Brandon Bostian’s secret life was uncovered on the Internet. He had been posting pictures of himself in toilet poses, presumably to attract those people who are sexually aroused and attracted by anal exhibitions.

Two things occurred to us, for we are aware of the dominating role of homosexuals in our new Ruling Class. Anyone whose life is driven by anal sex, perversion and related exhibitionism, is of unsound mind. And such people are now members of the most protected and privileged group in America, especially by the MSM, officialdom, Big Business, Obama, the Education establishment and the DOJ. We expected a cover-up and so far have not been disappointed. We will continue to monitor until we are arrested by order of Loretta Lynch.


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