Trump Floors Nikki

In our previous article we alerted website visitors to the certainty that Nikki Haley’s misuse of the ‘response to Obama’ for an attack on Trump was a plot hatched with the Republican establishment. This morning the evidence was provided by Haley herself when she told TV hosts that the Republican Congressional leaders ‘allowed’ her to write her own speech and vetted it before she delivered it.

Other commentators are now saying what we said yesterday, that her reward will be a VP place if a collaborationist victor emerges from the Republican primaries. Haley and her co-conspirators will have assumed that describing Trump and his followers as ‘angry’ people, would hang an albatross around The Donald’s neck, just as his description of Jeb Bush as a man lacking energy has haunted the chosen one. But Trump is different than Bush and does not lack energy. Indeed he is quick on his feet, rides punches and counter-punches to great effect.

One of the things about Trump that has endeared him to countless ordinary Americans is that he never walks back a statement, never modifies what he has said, never apologizes or grovels to the Mainstream Media (MSM), but defiantly doubles down and stays in attack mode.

In Pensacola, Florida, last night, before another mighty audience, the Donald floored Nikki and her co-conspirators by endorsing her description of him as ‘angry’. “Yes I am angry” bellowed The Donald. “I am angry that our country is being destroyed by the crypto/Muslim in the White House and his Leftist allies, George Soros and the Hollywood perverts”.

Well, Trump didn’t use those exact words ( we wish he had!) but he did proclaim that he was very angry about America’s sad state under Obama. His audience roared their agreement, reaffirming that Trump is expressing the anger of millions and that Nikki Haley has lost touch with the grass roots of her own Party. The mystery is why Haley, too many Congressional Republicans and nearly all of the candidates, have not been seething with anger over the last seven years as Obama and his comrades have shredded the Constitution, corrupted government, Balkanized America and advanced the Revolutionary agenda of perverts and vested interests.

Meanwhile Trump’s triumphant progress across the country from one great rally to the next is surely unparalleled in modern election history. The latest attempt to halt his campaign is a baseless suggestion that he is mentally ill. I have much professional experience of mental illness and pathological behavior and have watched hours of Trump’s rallies. He is definitely not mentally ill. He has great emotional and physical energy, a humorous disposition and a sharp brain. There is no hint of mania or depression. He is definitely not a sociopath, unlike many Democrat politicians, and when he says that his audiences are ‘amazing’ he is clearly not deluded or hallucinating. Those who dismiss him and his supporters as a ‘passing fancy that in time will go’ are the deluded ones.

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