Trump Beats Dems In Nevada

We now know that Nevada is over-run with Brownshirts. Glen Beck, the great authority on 1930’s Germany, pervert Ernst Roehm, the Strasser brothers and Hitler’s street army, has revealed that Donald Trump supporters are closet Nazis. Beck’s inference is that Trump is America’s Hitler.

On this website we are loathe to divert our energies from attacking America’s Revolutionary enemies. It is our belief that the Counter-revolutionary Right needs to build the broadest possible coalition of Nationalists, Conservatives and Christians, for the Left is always united, has great wealth, is sponsored by the Mainstream Media and controls the Government machinery.

In this primary contest it is unrealistic to expect the Republican rivals to refrain from attacking each other, but Rightwing commentators and Republican elected representatives should avoid extremist remarks. Those who do not, like William Krystol, who says he will not vote for Trump in the general election, are collaborators with the enemy. Beck’s comparison of Trump supporters with Nazi Brownshirts goes beyond collaboration and suggests he is a little unhinged. For the record, although we are not Rubio supporters, we would vote for him in the General Election to stop Clinton, Sanders, Biden, Warren, Michelle Obama or New York billionaire Bloomberg. The basic issue of gun rights alone is sufficient to vote for any Republican to defeat a Democrat gun-grabber.

Trump swept through Nevada like a hurricane, for his 34,531 votes more than matched the combined votes of nearest rivals Rubio and Cruz. 45.9% is a testament to his appeal across all Republican constituencies and proof of his momentum from South Carolina. Super Tuesday may well see the end of the contest if he extends his string of decisive victories.

A significant Nevada statistic going unnoticed was the overwhelming Republican vote when compared to the total Democrat turn-out. By our reckoning, the Republican candidates’ combined total vote was 75,162, which incidentally was hugely greater than the Republican votes in 2008 and 2012. The combined vote for Clinton and Sanders was a meager 12,000.

We can assume that the Clinton/Sanders contest has been exciting and mobilizing committed Democrats, especially in the Nevada Democrat stronghold, where the Far Left Service workers’ union has long played such an important part. Why did so many Democrats stay home on election day, even though they could register at the last moment? Is it that the number of committed Democrats has dramatically fallen because Trump has cross-party appeal?

Once again, the opinion polls were not very accurate and down-played Trump‘s support. The Far Leftist reporters of the Wall Street Journal, and the Internationalists and the collaborators of its Editorial pages, must be gnashing teeth. None more so than Bret (Israel First) Stephens, and his comrades Holman Jenkins, Daniel Henninger and William Galston. We can be sure that Stephens, like Glen Beck, hears the march of the Brownshirts as they propel Trump to the White House. On Tuesday he blamed not only Rush Limbaugh for Trump’s success but also Mark Levin, who has devoted whole radio programs to raging against Trump. Stephens, a writer who detests American Nationalism and approves of social liberalism, attributes Trump’s progress to the failure of Limbaugh and Levin to denounce Trump last summer. They were suffering from “schoolgirl crushes on the bad boy of the GOP class”. Stephens has become as unhinged as Beck.

512b Global Warming Watch 512b

Last Fall the climate experts were telling us that the Pacific Ocean was getting hot from Man-made Global Warming and would deliver a record-breaking El Nino to America’s West Coast. This winter, so the experts told us, California would see hill sides washed away, canyons turned into torrents and reservoirs overflowing. On this website, because we believe that Global Warming is a MSM tactic for people-control and the wealth redistribution of working people, we were skeptical.

Well, here we are almost through February, and no El Nino, just a winter rainfall that is just a little greater than some years, and not enough to end California’s growing water shortage. The dirty little secret behind the ‘drought’ is that the Democrats’ and the Collaborators’ combination of open borders and engineered population growth (motivated by votes and money) ignores nature. California – a beautiful State created by God – is over-run with perverts, fantasists, wealthy Socialists, ambitious totalitarians, the mentally deranged and the Godless and so proceeds to catastrophe.

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  1. What to liberals, neocons, the Mexican government, and the Chinese government all have in common?

    Trump hatred.

    William Kristol and his ilk could not care less about, say, White men who work construction being displaced by Mexicans who work cheap, and do poor quality work.

    William Kristol and his ilk will talk all sorts of game about “conservative principles,” but that is a mere smoke screen meant to hide the heart of their true agenda: The supremacy of Israel in conjunction with the subjugation of the White, Christ-bearing peoples.

    Liberalism and fake conservatism (neocon-ism) are two sides of the same Satanic coin.

    The night of Trump’s Nevada win, he and his two good-looking and intelligent sons stood there appreciatively thanking the people of Nevada. What I saw struck me as something that is very scary to the likes of the Bill Kristol tribe: WASPs who are successful and confident, and without a trace of apology or self-loathing. And that is why the system is out to get Trump.

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