Trump And Clinton Tied in LA Daily Tracking Poll

Today’s LA Tracking Poll claims the two candidates are virtually tied with Clinton holding the tiniest of leads of .02. As we have previously written, this poll has shown none of the huge swings claimed by other polls, it contacts a large number of likely voters, and is financed by a Far Left organ of the Ruling Media Class. We think it is more accurate than almost all of the others but should still be viewed with some suspicion, for it is financed by an organ of the anti-Trump Ruling Class.

Today, Rush Limbaugh on his radio program is again suggesting that there is a Trump constituency hidden in the American suburbs and farmlands that is not being opinion-polled but will be voting for Trump in large numbers. Many of them have not voted in previous Presidential elections but intend to vote this time. Limbaugh cites a Pennsylvania newspaper article written by a reporter who traveled across the State, noted the proliferation of Trump yard signs and interviewed many of these people whose two characteristics are that they do not live in big cities and they are determined to vote for Trump.

Wishful (magical) thinking is tempting for those who are powerless. I have felt increasingly powerless over the last nearly four decades, from the time I first identified the existence of the Media Class hiding within the Mainstream Media and promoting its Revolutionary Class agenda. Since then, beginning in the late 1970’s in the UK, I have monitored its steady transformation in the UK and USA, from political player to political Ruling Class.

And still it remains hidden and unidentified, even as it uses its pawns in Government to advance its agenda by brazenly un-Constitutional edicts from the White House, un-Constitutional new Government agencies, and simultaneously destroys all cultural and political opposition through its awesome Mainstream Media (MSM).

It remains unidentified as it nears completion of a stunning Revolution in the USA – a Revolution that in pursuing the remaking of society to reflect its Class characteristics of fantasy, sexual license and perversion, has rejected human nature, dismissed reality and criminalized truth. Its alliance with the Far Left ideologues has also brought America close to the Socialist dream of a borderless base for Universal redistribution of wealth.

In one of the great ironies of history, completion of its Revolution in America rests on the election to the Presidency of an aging, greedy, amoral, self-serving, scandal-ridden couple named Hillary and Bill Clinton. Two partners in crime, two life-time political professionals, the Clintons have never been part of the Media Class or its Far Left allies, but have survived their purge and take-over of the Democrat Party. The Clintons are ready and willing to oversee the Ruling Class agenda in exchange for an opportunity to loot the Nation’s treasury.

Despite the rise of Donald Trump – another irony as he is a maverick member of the Media Class – and the late emergence of a people’s Counter-Revolutionary movement of conservative Nationalism, the Ruling Class remains hidden within the MSM, its agenda is not perceived as Revolutionary, and the MSM continues to enjoy enough public confidence to win an election through the process of destroying the opposition.

It is possible that there are millions upon millions of real Americans, mostly White, working away on farms, ranches, in small businesses, in factories in the suburbs, and even retired, who have not voted for decades but now see their country is near the point of no return, are not influenced by the MSM propaganda, and intend to vote in November for Trump. I pray that they exist and that the opinion polls are wildly wrong, but is it wishful thinking on the part of Rush Limbaugh and many others who cannot admit that w have been rendered powerless by the MSM and the lawless government of the new Ruling Class.

Is it possible that despite decades of the brainwashing and cultural corruption of America’s young, the invasion of masses of alien foreigners, the growth in America’s midst of scores of rootless billionaires, the occupation of major city streets by violent, intimidating Black mobs, and the unparalleled-in-history torrent of partisan propaganda, there are millions of Trump voters who have been sleeping until five minutes to midnight? If this is true, then power will return to us people. If not, America is finished!

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