For those who have faithfully followed this website over the last two years, the naked hostility of the MSM towards Governor Sarah Palin will come as no surprise. We will repeat our message again that this election in the US is the climactic battle of a decades-long culture war that has marked the rise to power of the Media Class. Now, this new Class feels both confident and impatient to place in the White House and Congress its political agents and thus unleash a stream of legislation that will forever banish to the margins and beyond the old Christian morality. The Media Class, with its Leftist allies and Democrat Party faithful seeks to create a new social order and a new public morality. Gone are the days when it appeared as if the Media was merely sympathetic to the Democrat Party and Leftist political groups. In this election period we have seen the Media Class choose a Presidential candidate after jettisoning its erstwhile favorite. We have seen it shamelessly promote him, cover his tracks and now abandon all restraint in the destruction of his opponents.

Yesterday, I heard Sean Hannity express shock that Leftists have hacked into Sarah Palin’s email and posted it on a website. He has also said several times in recent days that 2008 has marked the end of the MSM’s claim to providing a news service. Why is he surprised and shocked? If he had been reading this website he would have expected nothing else! Let us spell out the realities of current politics again. The Media Class, comprising almost all the news media, the TV and cable stations, the entertainment and celebrity world centered on Hollywood, the professional Sports world, the fashion industry and the Arts world, are now united by a common financial interest and, more significantly, a common culture. It has a revolutionary social agenda that reflects the morally dysfunctional people who make up most of its ranks and the Leftists who have long flourished down in its roots and for whom ends always justify the means. Nothing less than the destruction of Christian morality and its replacement with an amoral relativity and the destruction of the Nation State will suffice for those who have always felt socially marginalized and those who have despised the ordinary patriotic and God-fearing American heartland.

The Media Class, having plucked the empty-headed, desperately ambitious and over-confident Obama from the also-rans of the Democrat Party believed that he could be easily packaged and sold to the American people like one of its own actors or pop-stars. They saw in him both an intellectual blank sheet and a willing pawn and a more authentic minority representative than the previously almost anointed Hillary Clinton. Unlike her, they believed, he carried no baggage and included no loose canon husband. With a Republican Party and Republican President on the ropes after almost 8 years of relentless Media misrepresentation and persecution and divided as only a stunned Party can be, it seemed to the Media Class and its Leftist foot-soldiers all so easy. What contributes to division on the Right is a failure to identify correctly the real enemy and conservatives, Nationalists and Christians have yet to identify the enemy who plots their destruction. For as long as they focus their fight on the Democrat Party, the Media Class enjoys the political luxury of posing as neutral judges, objective seekers after truth and facts, disinterested commentators and ultimately arbiters of public opinion, whilst all the time being the real force.

McCain, who had sometimes prospered in the Media in the past when attacking George Bush and his Party’s conservatives, was considered a Media triumph for he had alienated the dangerous Christian and conservative base of his Party. The strategists of the Media Class were confident that McCain would fail to mobilize the Republican base and that Obama would walk into the White House despite his poor performance against Mrs. Clinton in the primaries. And then the unexpected happened! John McCain, long considered to be politically inept and mesmerized by the Media, boldly chose the reforming and religiously conservative Governor of Alaska and immediately galvanized the conservative and Christian base of the Republican Party and attracted a significant number of ‘independents’. These ‘independents’ are often people who pay minimal attention to politics and have few deep-rooted convictions, being pre-occupied with work, families and leisure. Such people are politically footloose and influenced by headlines, impressions and what they consider to be contemporary conventional wisdom.

For the Media Class, Palin and the people she inspires are a nightmare. The turn-around in the opinion polls at the very moment when the opinionated and over-confident Obama was supposed to seal his inevitability has forced the Media Class to step out of the remaining shadows and do whatever it takes to win. Some conservative pundits under-estimate the Media Class, believing that the naked use of Mainstream Media power to destroy Palin will backfire. They argue that the dirty work of the Media Class will ignite even more with outrage and energy the conservative base. What they fail to understand is that the Media Class only has to damage Palin’s credibility with some 10% of voters-those so-called ‘independents’ who only read the headlines, listen to Media- chosen sound bites and are influenced by what they hear from the Media is ‘public opinion’. The Media has learned well that if enough dirt is thrown, some of it sticks- and there is no limit to the dirt that will be thrown at Palin between now and November. The formula is tried and tested! Let the Soros machine and other richly-funded Leftist websites make unsubstantiated malicious charges on websites and they can be echoed and repeated ad nauseam in the MSM. It will work!

Meanwhile, the Hollywood pack is funding like never before. Tuesday night’s little Streisand bash raised a mere $9m for Obama. These celebrities are the wealthy who care so much for the poor, for Africa and for the AIDS infected, yet clearly they do not give all they can muster to those causes. Clearly too, they are overpaid and undertaxed. Not an hour goes by but that some rock or pop warbler and strummer, or some two-bit reconstructed fashion model makes a public political statement about Palin’s assault on ‘wimmins’ rights or attacks her Christian-driven homophobia. Here we see before our very eyes the unity of this Class and its agenda. Yet still the Right fails to grasp who is the real enemy.

Finally, I have to make a comment on the latest financial crisis and I thank a British visitor to our website for it. He wrote to us;

“Our news is full of stories about the banking and financial institutions’ collapse. You probably aren’t aware, but several of our rich football clubs are sponsored by big companies. Recently, West Ham’s Football Club sponsor, an airline called XL went bust (leaving thousands of stranded holiday makers around the world) and Manchester United is sponsored by AIG, the insurance company which is teetering on the brink of going bust. Meanwhile, our football clubs continue to pay their “stars” unbelievable sums of money, with £130,000 per WEEK being considered as normal. We should be asking how come these companies can afford to pay sponsorship and thereby fund immoral salaries to blokes who kick a ball, while facing going out of business? What is driving these companies to get involved in something that has become entertainment, while thousands in their companies lose their jobs and thousand of ordinary people who have saved for holidays lose them? What kind of decision making is taking place in boardrooms? Why aren’t the public seeing football (and all the other entertainment industries who continue to pay millions in salaries and wages) for what it really is? Why are they content for this entertainment industry to carry on while the rest of the economy plunges into chaos? Is the lure of having a seat in a hospitality box and being photographed with a footballer outstripping sound economic management?”

What we are seeing is the power of the Media Class to subvert the business world(when it is not intimidating it) and the result is business people flattered so much to be seen with (Media) celebrities that they will recklessly spend other people’s money for their moment of shoulder rubbing. Something similar is at work when companies like Ford Motor Co. whilst laying off thousands of their workforce, continue to give large sums of shareholders’ money to the affluent, numerically small and Media favored homosexual constituency. I will tell our British visitor, do not expect to see any of this outrageous aspect of the crisis mentioned in the MSM.

A footnote! I read last night that Brad Pitt had just donated $100,000 to the homosexual marriage campaign in California. This new master Class has money to burn on its agenda items whilst shedding crocodile tears for the poor.

There is no magic remedy available to defeat the new Media Class with its control over news and entertainment and its phenomenal wealth. Its Leftist allies too are in powerful positions having taken control of public education in order to brainwash the nation’s young, being in charge of the government’s machinery, controlling hi-jacked and well-financed charities and enjoying the security of public employment. Then we have the Unions, and especially the public service Unions, pulling in vast sums of contributions from often-unwilling members to spend on Leftist propaganda and with an army of thuggish officials available for any dirty work. Thanks to a controlling Media none of this gets revealed to the man in the street.

However, we have the Constitution, a Nation built on individualism and Christian morality, the true facts and the Internet, so it is still possible to resist. First however, it is vital to spare no effort in awakening the people to the real ruling Class, its agenda, its methods and its allies. Once the mass of people realize that the Media Class is manipulating news and truth, there will be a turning point, for they will look elsewhere for news and not be persuaded by the propaganda that now passes for news. Our pathetic little website seeks to be the spark that will ignite a great fire amongst the ordinary electors.

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