Battle of Berkeley Marks Opening of Civil War?

On Saturday, in the Far-Left stronghold of Berkeley, California, the forces of Revolution and Counter-Revolution finally met in pre-arranged open conflict. The scene was set when the Far Left planned to demonstrate its strength on the streets all across the Nation, with phony ‘Trump tax’ rallies and marches.

For the first time, grass roots activists of the Broad Right decided to hold counter rallies and marches supporting the President. Co-incidentally, it was in Southern California last month that grass-roots Trump supporters fought back and vanquished Red thugs who attacked their peaceful march.

But that was a spontaneous skirmish. Yesterday in Berkeley, Broad Right activists were seeking to reclaim the streets of a Red stronghold, and came prepared for battle. This was a ‘first time’ that the Right sought a confrontation, and as such, events may be highly significant.

There have been videos of the battle on the Internet, mostly taken by the participants. It is hard to tell the contestants apart except that some of the (Soros-funded?) thugs are dressed uniformly in Black and wearing hoods and helmets. It is clear that both sides were prepared for violence and that the local police were deliberately on the periphery.

Reports on Free Republic claim that the Reds were driven down side streets and that the Broad Right won the day, albeit with bloody casualties. Some police arrests were made but the police certainly made no effort to prevent the conflict and seemed under strength for such a well-publicized battle. It is likely that the politicized Berkeley police were one-sided when making arrests, for they were well aware that the Reds instigated the violence.

If any participant can supply information and provide some clarity we will be pleased to post it here. In the meantime, we congratulate every patriot who went to Berkeley and gave the Reds a dose of their own medicine. There may have been resistance to Red violence in other cities and if so, please tell us.

It seems only a matter of time before some-one dies as a result of such clashes and that, as Obama once boasted, ‘knives and guns’ are brought. Then the second civil war will be upon us.

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