Sessions Nails Immigration Reform

The immigration news today is that Boehner has strongly attacked Obama’s attempt to create amnesty by Executive Order and that the House has passed a Bill to defund it. This Bill will go to the Senate where it may or may not be passed. If passed it is certain that Obama will veto it. This sequence of events will be played out quickly and before the February deadline for continued funding of Homeland Security.

Many conservative commentators, mindful of Boehner’s track record of surrender to Obama’s many unconstitutional edicts, are suspicious that this new militancy on immigration is all window dressing. Some predict that Boehner knows the Senate will bury the House Bill. Others point out that, if the Senate passes it intact, the President has said he will veto it. Confident that Obama will not waver, the doubters are saying that Boehner will then strike a deal amounting to surrender. At that point, rather than close down the Government, say the skeptics, Boehner will be able to say that he tried. This will, he hopes, placate the Republican rank-and-file and at the same time satisfy the demands of the Chamber of Commerce/Wall Street Journal (major financial donors to the Republican Party) who want ‘reform’ that translates into legal documentation of all who are here and an ever-open door. For these representatives of Big Business and some smaller businesses, a growth in population keeps the economy ticking over and simultaneously continues the stream of cheaper labor.

Who knows what will happen? This website marches with the skeptics but we like old sayings including ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth!’ Boehner’s attack and the House vote defunding Obama’s unconstitutional edict which aims to confer amnesty on some 5 million illegal immigrants, is an example of another old saying ‘better late than never’ (but better never late!). The next stage of this welcome legislation- or is it just elaborate window-dressing- will soon unfold in the Senate where Republicans finally have a majority.

In the Senate, we can be sure that there are some conservatives (Lee, Cruz and Sessions) who are serious about halting both Obama’s imperial rule and his attempt to over-run America with aliens. In this context we recommend a reading of Senator Jeff Session’s excellent rebuttal of the claims of ‘immigration reform’. The MSM and the Republican elite have been busy promoting ‘reform’ as inevitable and unstoppable. See ‘’. The article is headed ‘Jeff Sessions defines republican position on immigration in 25 page document’. The article is extremely well-written, packed with logic and is not only conservative in content but underpinned with Nationalism. The WSJ will sneeringly dismiss it-whilst avoiding a refutation of its content- as ‘populist’.

On the basis of this contribution by Sessions we would say that he has put himself in the running for 2016. Is it possible that his logic and its latent popular appeal will convert and shame those Republican Senators who walk in fear of the MSM and Big Business? If Sessions is able to confront the other big Leftist advances of the Obama reign with the same formidable expression, he should be able to unmask and vanquish Jeb Bush and other RINO pretenders who seek to betray America’s working people. Unfortunately, Sessions is not handsome in appearance. In this age of televised debates and gullible Americans this is a handicap- that is unless his opponent is the charmless Hillary Clinton. One Georgia reader of this website has suggested that Session’s Southern accent will be too much of a handicap!

The fall-out from the Paris terror attacks continue to roil Europe’s political landscape. Across the continent leading politicians strive to defend the existing Media Class agenda of mass Third World immigration that is designed to over-whelm the native people. The German ex-Communist Merkel is taking the lead. She is about to join a pro-Muslim march in Berlin that is aimed to rally both Muslims and Far Leftists in a show of unity. With the aid of the MSM, the intention is to snuff out the growing street protests of those who want to protect borders, language and culture. It is predictable that the march will be skillfully and dishonestly touted by the MSM as the true voice of the German people.

Session’s document should be made available to the German people for it exposes as false all the Internationalist’s claims that cultural enrichment, population growth and racial enlightenment are beneficial for all. The benefits of immigration from the Third World may be experienced by a few but for the many they range from constant inconvenience and concessions to disastrous. In France, it is clear that a large Muslim population cannot be integrated, policed or kept under effective surveillance. How many futile laws, restrictions and costs must be placed on the native people and for what good purpose? What are the actual benefits for the ordinary people that result from Muslim immigration? It cannot be the filling of a labor gap since the apologists of today’s crisis in security attribute Muslim terrorism to the unemployment of its young people.

Global Cooling Watch

Britan Climate Change

The UK’s normal wet winter is about to be replaced by the extreme cold that grips much of the Northern Hemisphere. In the US everywhere east of the Rockies is experiencing a Canadian winter. Not a sign of global warming and where is Al Gore when you need him?

Music Choice

Long ago I acquired an LP of Charlie Parker entitled ‘The Happy Bird’ which was a poorly recorded jam session in an after- hours club called ‘Christy’s’. The date was April 12, 1951. Besides the majestic Parker, also featured were Wardell Gray, Walter Bishop, Roy Haynes, Teddy Kotick and Charlie Mingus. On some tracks the pianist was a young virtuoso from Boston called Dick Twardzick. Since this recording, other recordings of Twardzick have surfaced, including an album with Chet Baker.

Recently I learned of some recordings of Twardzick made in Boston with a trio consisting of Carson Smith bass and Peter Littman drums. Twardzick (1931-1955) was classically trained and performed in public at age 14. A superb technician, he mastered the bebop style and added his own innovations. Unfortunately he became addicted to heroin as a teenager and when touring Europe with Chet Baker died of an overdose in a Paris hotel room, aged 24. I recommend a track from the trio recordings, the evergreen “I Remember April”. Great piano playing and fine drums and bass! Not for musical morons!


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