Sessions Is a Failure

Today, Rush Limbaugh spent a lot of time on the issue of Trump’s publicly-expressed disappointment with Sessions as Attorney General. It is his view that Trump has been inviting Sessions to resign on the basis of Trump’s lack of confidence in him because he recused himself on the Russia issue.

Limbaugh believes that Trump expected Sessions to be an aggressive fighter on behalf of the administration, and instead Sessions has treated his position as ‘a sacred duty’ (our words-not Limbaugh’s) of the Nation and Congress.

We on the Broad Right who rallied to Trump in the primaries and Presidential election, were delighted when he regularly hinted that his administration would put Hillary Clinton in jail for her many crimes in office. He also gave us to believe that Lois Lerner and others in the IRS would also be legally pursued and punished. We expected that the Sessions appointment as AG would signal the return of justice for those who acted criminally in the Obama revolutionary era.

However, it was Trump himself, immediately after the election, who signaled that Hillary Clinton would not be pursued for her crimes. His motives may have been good, foolishly believing that generosity in victory would heal a divided Nation.

It is obvious now, with hindsight, that Trump had no idea that he had been elected to lead a counter-revolution, and that both he and Sessions have not recognized that the old ‘politics-as-usual’ is redundant in the midst of a revolutionary civil war.

Perhaps Sessions, in not pursuing Clinton, was taking his cue from President Trump, but if so, he was not pursuing his ‘sacred duty’ to the nation, and he has failed to do so since.

Sessions has quietly achieved a number of counter-revolutionary objectives since being in office, but he has lacked real aggression, stayed low profile, and failed to get a single big counter-revolutionary objective rolling. In all honesty, when he does face the enemy’s cameras, he looks (and sounds) like a frightened deer that was discovered by a vehicle’s headlights.

Trump seems now to have a problem of his own making. He has publicly expressed a justifiable lack of confidence in Sessions, yet Sessions has not resigned. Unless there is some Machiavellian diversionary plot being hatched by Trump and Sessions, this looks like Trump has failed to communicate with a loyal follower behind closed doors. It does not reflect well on Trump’s character or his management skills.

Replacing Sessions as Attorney General will provide more ammunition to the enemy Media Class and its Far-Left allies, and Trump may find it difficult to find a replacement who will be approved by enough of the Senate Republicans.

Sessions may have many sympathizers among his former colleagues in the Senate. But the Broad Right in the Nation will be placated if Sessions is replaced by a counter-revolutionary warrior who goes on all-out attack.

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  1. The FBI is full of liberal sympathizers and do-gooder fools who don’t seem to know or care about the Culture Wars. Before Sessions can gain control, that agency must be purged…and Sessions may or may not be the man to do it.

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