Savage Gets it Right!

Yesterday morning I was planning to write an article that I thought would be shockingly radical by calling for the USA to ban all Muslims from entry as immigrants or refugees into the USA. Michael Savage on his radio program beat me to that call. Savage, the most iconoclastic conservative radio Talk Show host in America, has long been beating the drum for ‘borders, language and culture’ and has been in the forefront warning about the dangers of Islam. Although Jewish, he has been a staunch defender of Christianity and unapologetic in claiming that White Europeans are responsible for most of the civilized world’s achievements. He is by any measure an American Nationalist and I do not consider his strong sympathies for Israel- not shared by this website- necessarily conflict with his loyalty to the USA. Many Anglo-Americans would call for American support for any English-speaking Nations under threat of invasion, as in World War Two.

Savage deserves three hearty cheers for warning that tolerating the growth of the Muslim population in America is tantamount to suicide. He is absolutely correct in pointing out that those who insist that Islam is a religion of peace are denying the reality that is being played out all around the world. In fact so clear is the evidence that Islam is an inherently violent religion and wholly intolerant, that those like Obama who claim otherwise, must have sinister and hidden motives for their lies.

Long ago on this website we pointed out that the terrorism that is the most prominent feature of contemporary Islam, owes much to the IRA terrorism that was so successful in Ulster and England. The IRA’s terrorism prospered because the Irish Catholic population resident in Ulster and England provided it with moral support, recruits and safe houses. Irish Catholic Americans in Boston, New York and San Francisco also provided moral and propaganda support and the money for arms. Muted calls by the wider Irish population for peace, understanding and a generalized condemnation of violence and terror were frequent whenever the IRA killers pulled off a particularly shocking attack. Weak UK politicians enabled the killing to resume by pleading for no reprisals and with dishonest claims that Irish Catholics were unconnected to the IRA. No British mainstream politician was willing to state the obvious, that the terrorists’ recruits were drawn from the wider Irish Catholic population amongst whom supporters and sympathizers were numerous.

Those who proclaimed that the IRA and its supporters and sympathizers were at war with the majority Loyalist population in Ulster and out to destroy the Union with Britain were ignored and vilified by the MSM (which even then, led by a Leftist BBC infiltrated by perverts, was extremely hostile to Ulster’s patriotic ‘old-fashioned’ Protestant Christians). British politicians on the mainland (many of whom we are now discovering were perverts) consisted of the Far Left Internationalist Labour Party and a Conservative Party that was fast retreating from Nationalism and about to catch the train to Europe. Acknowledging that the IRA and its supporters and sympathizers were at war with Britain would have given credence to Loyalist calls for the military ruthlessness required to win. Instead the British Conservative Government, internally divided between lukewarm Nationalists and EU opportunists, pursued a defensive and restrained policy designed to appease the Catholic population and please World Opinion as defined by the MSM. Ulster Loyalists and their interests were ignored, their earlier unsurpassed patriotism during World War II easily forgotten. Leftists and the MSM successfully libeled them as Far Right, bigoted Christian extremists. By implication they were held responsible for the IRA’s existence and the Catholic desire for unity with Dublin. The British government, even under Thatcher, followed a policy of pulled punches and a failure to recognize the dangers of appeasement. It nearly cost her life and did cost the lives of several of her colleagues. The notion that appeasement would drive a wedge between the IRA and the Catholic population of Ulster was, as always, a retreat from reality. The Media all cross the Western World relentlessly portrayed Ulster’s loyalists and the UK Government as evil oppressors and the Catholics as victims. Murderous incidents of terrorism were greeted by the MSM and the ‘great and the good’ with generalized statements of condemnation and calls for peace but never with calls for effective and ruthless pursuit of the perpetrators and identification and punishment for the communities that harbored them. All this should sound familiar to those who monitor the USA’s Government response to Black rioters and looters, Western liberal political responses to Muslim violence and now the responses of the MSM, America’s Leftists and the French Government’s response to the Paris attacks.

As we often say here, there is much to be learned from history. The IRA succeeded in winning power from the barrel of the gun and with the car bomb. Gerry Adams and his IRA killer colleagues now strut the streets of Ulster and are invited to the places of power where decisions are made. Their victims are forgotten. We can be sure that the Islamic Imperialists have taken note of Western appeasement, self-hatred, White Guilt, moral decadence and masochism.

This website has always recognized and defended the overlapping virtues of Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism. Michael Savage’s defense of ‘Borders, Language and Culture’ embodies almost the same beliefs. Not everything that passes for Conservatism is to our liking. We have previously argued against an excessive belief in property rights and we believe in robust conservation. Free markets have their limitations. Christianity, especially the contemporary forms, is often too internationalist, too redistributionist, too ‘other-worldly’ and too fatalistic but Christianity is at the core of our culture and the barrier to totalitarianism. True Nationalism defends borders, language and customs, but should also defend conservation, and protect individualism and the free speech that has made the Western World pre-eminent and prosperous. Nationalism does not have to descend into economic Socialism, Big Government, totalitarianism, theories of racial superiority and purity of blood, or a rejection of the rest of the world and its products.

Nationalists and true conservatives in the Western World have been right to oppose mass immigration, especially that from the Third World. The mass immigration that has been imposed on America and the West has been engineered by those who for ideological reasons seek the West’s downfall, or hate and fear Christianity for racial or moral reasons or who gain materially from cheap labor and a borderless world. There are some who represent all these motives combined. George Soros is a fine example.

It is vital to understand however that mass immigration would never have flourished in the USA and the West without the emergence of a Media Class with a revolutionary agenda of its own. Through its MSM and Entertainment and with a natural alliance with the Left, it has been able to transform news into propaganda. Real and truthful news has been relentlessly suppressed, or manipulated or perverted. Much of the output of the MSM consists of outright lies. Entertainment has been used to plant and normalize a socially and morally corrupt revolutionary agenda and to spread decadence. The Media Class has purged and taken control of political parties of the Left and has been intimidating and suborning the mainstream Parties of the Right. Referring to the previous paragraph, the targets for destruction have been conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

The Media Class agenda has been unfolding at different speeds all across the Western World but its agenda is always the same. Taken in any order it has been the criminalization of Bible-based Christianity, the suppression of any political expression of conservatism and the vigorous persecution of Nationalism. We have explained the agenda in many previous articles. Consistent with this agenda is the mass importation of immigrants, especially those who cannot or will not be assimilated. There is much evidence that Africans cannot be assimilated and overwhelming evidence that Muslims will not submit to assimilation. Muslims are particularly useful to the Media Class and Leftists because they are militantly anti-Christian. Africans and Muslims being inassimilable assist in the Balkanization of a Nation State and the demoralization and impoverishment of its native people.

Since the Media Class has a large Jewish component one might wonder why the importation of Muslims is appealing. Similarly with homosexuals who infest the Media Class. The answers are complex but one explanation is that the Jews in the Media Class are almost always secular. Their membership of the Media Class and the benefits accruing from its agenda outweighs their Jewish identity and attachment to Judaism.  The same can be said of homosexuals who see Christianity as the immediate enemy – as do secular Jews- and who live for the moment and have no investment in the long-term future. Many homosexuals, inhabitants of the bathhouses, risking disease in the pursuit of an orgasm, and childless, perceive a Balkanized and unraveling society much as coyotes see a carcass. Furthermore, as we regularly point out on this website, Media people, like their Leftist allies, do not accept reality. They believe that the truth and facts are whatever the script invents and that fantasy can replace reality. Ideological Socialists believe that mankind can be perfected and human nature recreated. Conservatives would call this ‘wishful thinking’. What is important at this time is that the two allies ignore reality.

The reality about immigration and about Islam is unfolding all around the world and at this particular moment in France. Just as the shooting deaths of two New York policemen came at an awkward time for the American Media Class, for its allies on the Left and in the mob and for the agenda, so have the Muslim attacks in France come at an awkward time for the proponents of mass immigration. The Media Class and its Leftist allies can control most of the news but they cannot control the forces they are unleashing. The Imperialist Muslim leaders and their rank-and-file cannot be manipulated to suit the agenda and tactics of the West’s new and revolutionary Ruling Classes.

It is clear, just as it was in Ulster, that terrorism can only flourish when the terrorists have a supportive sizeable population, even if that population is a minority. It is also clear that terrorists, driven by ideology, wage war on their hosts and will not be placated by appeasement and a refusal on the part of the hosts to face reality. The current Ruling Classes in the USA and Europe are committed to appeasement of the enemy and will only wage all-out war on those among their own people who call for genuine resistance. Expect the MSM and the politicians on whom it confers a platform, to shed brief crocodile tears for the victims and then strenuously call for no reprisals, understanding and more concessions to those who harbor and support the killers. This policy of appeasement does not stem from fear of the terrorists –though that may exist- but from natural adherence to a Class agenda.

The MSM will quickly seek to focus popular ire on the French National Front and all other European National Parties. It will proclaim that the truly dangerous people are those who would halt immigration and who yearn for a more homogeneous and moral Europe. Expect the words, ‘bigoted’, ‘Xenophobia’, ‘hateful’, ‘Far Right’, ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi’ to be trotted out by every MSM commentator and appeasing politician.

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