Recounts, Secession and Sanctuaries

Conservatives should never set aside common sense when analyzing events, and should always pay attention to the facts before the eyes. Wishful thinking is a Media Class and Far Left vice and we are seeing a lot of it at the moment. This is not surprising given that the Media Class has accumulated its wealth and political power by successfully peddling fantasy, and the Far Left’s raison d’etre is that human nature can be set aside by forcible brain-washing.

Most members of the Media Class are finding it difficult to come to terms with a political setback, just when it seemed that the final chapter of their Revolution was about to be written. The only response they know is to resort to fantasy, rewriting and re-filming events and then feeding the people with a new narrative. Unfortunately for them a Hollywood film or a TV series in which Hillary Clinton and the Democrats win, will not remove Donald Trump and his emerging Cabinet.

The Far Left allies of the Media Class have a different response to defeat. It is ‘greater violence’ must be employed! And so we see the mobs rampaging through the streets in great rage.

The truth is that neither the Media Class nor its Far Left ally knows quite what to do about their joint election defeat, Donald Trump and the rebirth of Nationalism. So far there has been street violence but not enough to create the kind of crisis that would overwhelm the election process. There are some weeks to go, and who knows, but Trump is a resolute leader, his followers are armed and ready for a fight, and the Military is not sufficiently purged to side with a Revolution.

To come back to common sense, real people are not solely screen creations and real events shape people. It is possible to write a screen-play about this past election and shoot a film that sets reality aside, but the reality has taken place. The Media Class was able to invent Hillary Clinton for the campaign, hiding her when necessary, concealing her crimes and ignoring her health, but the fact is that it was stuck with a very flawed candidate. And now that is relevant.

Our reading of the current situation is that the Clintons, believing that a Trump government will not pursue a criminal investigation, are happy to slink away from public life and enjoy their ill-gotten gains. The Far Left fanatics want recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, not because they believe the Russians hacked into voting machines, but because they believe recounts will fuel a continuation and growth in street violence.

Their problem is that the Clintons are no longer interested in fighting on. Both are getting old and frail and, unlike Elizabeth Warren, were never motivated by ideology -only greed. So the recount campaign lacks a leader. Interestingly, Obama also appears to be only lukewarm to a civil war.

The Media Class on the Left Coast, also grasping at straws, has come up with Californian secession. This too will go nowhere, though I will vote for it if we have a referendum. Obviously, these Silicon Valley Lefties, wallowing in wealth, are incapable of seeing beyond the next stock option.

Let us assume that Californians – me included – vote for independence and it is taken seriously. Illegals in America and south of the border will flock to the Pacific coast in tens of millions. Blacks in the big cities of the East Coast will also flock West in search of more welfare, and to escape Trump’s law and order. Perverts will also escape from a renewed moral America, and take their diseases and transgender fantasies West with them.

In contrast, real Christians and real workers will exit California heading East and taking their good health, clean habits and necessary skills with them. My family will leave for Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina, swelling the numbers of Rednecks, Bible punchers, gun holders and Far Right voters. Is this what the secessionists really want?

There are other problems. The Central Valley and Northern California are as Conservative and Christian as Dixie. Will only the Coastal stretch on the Pacific side of the Coastal Range make up the new ‘Nation’ of hippies, techies, New Age-ers, perverts and Show-biz warblers and strummers?

The secessionists know little real history or they would realize that a civil war is inevitable. Many Americans on the Broad Right would celebrate California’s departure. But not the Elizabeth Warren, George Soros Communists of New England, New York and Chicago, for their dream of a Totalitarian America would be destroyed without the Left Coast. They would be demanding a rebirth of the Union Army.

As for sanctuary cities, universities and liberal Churches, let ‘em roll! President Trump should welcome them and let them fester for a few months, packed with intolerant Muslims, sturdy Mexicans, Africans and assorted criminals. I recommend a reading of MacKinlay Kantor’s novel ‘Andersonville’ for a glimpse of a future sanctuary life in Stanford or Wesley. The snowflakes have no idea of the realities of life on the wrong side of the tracks.


  1. My great great grandfather was a guard at Andersonville. Starvation at the camp haunted prisoners and guards alike. He came home afterwards just as undernourished and thin as the prisoners he was guarding. Snowflakes would not care for the experience.

    • If Kantor – a good writer – was getting it right, the criminal element rose to the top of the prisoner pile amidst the chaos and turned the life of the prisoners into hell. It would be good for the privileged Leftist snowflakes of Stanford University to enjoy life cheek-by-jowl with the Third World’s fortune-seekers. Moral superiority is a vice unless put into practice.

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