Radical Trump

It says much about the Nation’s departure from the Constitution and a law-abiding society, that Donald Trump’s rational response to the invasion of illegal immigrants has been greeted by our Rulers as radical and outrageous. The very people who have sworn to uphold the law and have long been in a position to do so, are now insisting that we have laws that cannot and should not be implemented.

Trump shocked our Rulers by saying mass illegal incursion should be stopped, and when elected President he will take the necessary measures. Trump has now delivered an even bigger after-shock to our Ruling Class (and all those who collaborate with it) by detailing the measures and stating clearly to whom they will apply. Illegal immigrants will be sent packing from the USA if he is President. At the same time he moved his tanks further on to the Washington lawns and those of the WSJ’s Big Business friends by saying he would “sharply restrict all immigration” (WSJ editorial 18th Aug). In earlier articles we expressed the belief that the Ruling Class onslaught that would be unleashed against him, and the grass roots support for him that would erupt, would either intimidate him or radicalize him. We, of course, hoped he would be radicalized.

Well, so far not only is he un-intimidated, but his stated opposition to illegal immigration has now been broadened to include all immigration. This is a truly radical stance since, as the WSJ editorial fulminates, “Republican critics of US immigration policy have long claimed that they welcome legal immigrants”. Until now, those in the mainstream Right have been afraid to ‘go too far’ on immigration out of fear of charges ranging from xenophobia, nativism and concealed racism, to a departure from American traditions or of damaging the economy and hi-tech innovation.

In truth none of the foregoing charges have had any substance, but in a revolutionary climate, where the new Ruling Class intimidates all but those with nothing to lose, those who privately question the need for more people have sought to appear reasonable and escape the charges by focusing on the illegality issue.

This fear of charges of ‘extremism’ only exists on the Right. The Ruling Class, its MSM, its allies and its collaborators perceive no extremism on the Left. This is hardly surprising given that the whole Ruling Class Revolutionary agenda is actually extremist but relentlessly presented as centrist and moderate. What can be more extreme than sodomy, same-sex marriages, transvestism, homosexual adoption and fostering, homosexuals in the Boy Scout tent and transexual soldiers and sailors? Yet out of fear of Leftist smear campaigns and MSM condemnation, Conservatives have hedged their opposition to the normalization of perversion with protests of ‘We don’t want to interfere in people’s bedrooms”, “civil weddings are fine” and “at least let Christian business people opt out of attending SSM weddings”. Half the high ground is surrendered before the battle commences.

Because the new Ruling Class is so powerful and lawless, it takes a special person (or a very rich one) to uncompromisingly oppose any part of its agenda. And so most of those who would like to oppose, settle half-heartedly for half measures. Unlimited mass immigration is a core agenda item of our Ruling Class and its allies. ‘Legal’ and ‘illegal’ are distinctions drawn only by the Right, for the Ruling Class maintains all can come. Our side has been conceding ground from the start.

Donald Trump, in opposing all immigration and not conceding ground, has taken what our Rulers will claim is an extremist position. In the current situation it is certainly a radical position and the comprehensiveness of his proposed measures (all children, Mexico paying for the border fence, stopping remittances, rejecting free market principles, and tracking down illegals) has removed all ambiguity, forcing his Republican competitors out of the immigration closet.

Trump has quickly advanced to a radical position on immigration. We actually think it is a counter-revolutionary position he has taken but few will see it that clearly, certainly not Trump himself. Mass immigration in order to swamp America’s White population and destroy its unique cultural identity is intended to pave the way to Internationalism. Although mass immigration also has the blessing of profit-seeking Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce, erasing America’s identity is the deeper Revolutionary motive.

Trump, owing no one and raising the banner of the interests of America‘s working people, has moved to fully opposing immigration. This clear stand may be enough to mobilize Americans in great numbers, crossing old political lines and attracting the normally detached.

All those genuinely on the Right should support him even if he is less than perfect on abortion, sodomy, Christianity and many other issues which can be put on the political back-burner. Opposing immigration is, on its own, sufficiently counter -revolutionary to fight for. Get the Donald in the White House and the political landscape will be redrawn enabling many other good things to follow.

Music Choice

Desi Arnaz was best known in the USA and UK as the partner of Lucille Ball in the successful TV comedy series “ I love Lucy”. In real life they were also husband and wife. Arnaz, a Cuban, was also a successful band leader. Generally his music was not as brassy and hard-edged as Perez Prado or Tito Puente but it was authentic big-band Afro-Cuban. Since Castro’s Communist Cuba has now been deemed a friendly Nation we feel obliged to offer our website visitors a reminder that the Island was always rich in its music. Enjoy Desi Arnaz’s version of ‘Tico Tico.’ If this is not jazzy enough try the Charlie Parker version!

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