Poor Dead Bush

Warning! If you are tender-hearted and prone to tears, we advise you not to watch the video of Dead Jeb Bush addressing an audience in New Hampshire yesterday.

In what passes for energy in the Jeb Bush world, he moved a few paces to the right and then a few to the left, and then back again to the right, slightly hunched, arm extended, as if about to spring. In what passes for passion, his eyes blinked owlishly through his spectacles at someone just in front of him. In a voice of muted intensity he proclaimed his commitment to a serious campaign. Then he paused, stopped moving and waited.

The audience could have been forgiven for thinking that he had exhausted himself, for there was silence. Then, in a soft, pleading, solemn voice he uttered the immortal words that will forever onwards define his campaign. “Please clap!”

Caught unawares, the audience was slow to respond, or maybe people were wrestling with the gravity and import of his declaration. Then they were aroused, as if from a hypnotic state, and clapped with all the warmth that only a small and sympathetic audience can muster.

It has to be said that the audience captured on this video was not bursting with energy and fight. Since the camera did not pan around, it is difficult to guess the size of the gathering, but the lack of atmosphere strongly suggests it was, at best, modest. The people sat behind him looked about as animated as parents at a school mid-semester meeting, which is to say somewhere between mildly interested and present out of duty.

It is hard not to feel sorry for Jeb. Has a candidate for any kind of office ever looked so inadequate to the task of restoring a Nation? Donald Trump, far from being unkind when he hanged the ‘low energy’ albatross around the Bush neck, was speaking with restraint. At that point, Jeb’s family and friends should have pulled the plug on his candidacy. If Jeb’s current performances are not sufficient to convince them that he is not up for the fight, the inertia of his audiences should be. Pathetic is the word that most comes to mind. Poor Dead Jeb Bush!

Yesterday, Obama made history by being the first American President to visit a Mosque -as President! No doubt he visited many Mosques over the years before the Media Class promoted him to the White House. We have for some time described him as a ‘crypto Muslim’, by which we mean a Muslim fellow-traveler, one who worships Islam under cover and slyly promotes its cause at every opportunity.

The Mainstream Media has been careful not to alert the American people sufficiently to alarm them, but has publicized it enough to advance the process of ‘normalization’. Just as with the homosexual agenda, the normalization is advanced step by step. Obama keeps saying that Islam has been woven into the fabric of American life from the earliest days. This is clearly a nonsense. But repeated often enough without contradiction, the Nation’s young people, lacking any knowledge of the real past, and relying on the MSM and Hollywood for history lessons, will soon be convinced of its veracity.

The MSM, by weaving ‘nice’ homosexuals into every popular entertainment, and sliding them, at every opportunity, into adverts and news stories as normal people, has convinced most people that homos, lesbians and transvestites are everywhere and harmless, even though daily life indicates otherwise.

Expect the MSM to begin weaving ’nice’ Muslims into every soap opera, every advert and every news story, so that soon everyone will be convinced that Islam really was woven into the fabric of America from the beginning, and that terrorist bombers and assassins shouting ‘Allah is Great’ as they kill. are not really Muslims at all.

Please Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Carson, stop making life easy for the MSM by attacking each other. Denounce Hillary as a liar and a crook, Bernie as a deranged old Trotskyite, Rubio as a puppet of Paul Singer and Obama as a Far Left Revolutionary. Lay out the tactics for exporting ten million illegals and purging the enemy from the Federal Government bureaucracy and Federal Courts.

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  1. To tell the truth, George H. W. and his son, George, were also very low energy types. And they were equally as clueless as Jebito. It’s just that most people did not know that back then. Today, we’re on to this catastrophic family.

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