Poll Is Nail In Bush Coffin

The opinion polls are coming thick and fast in this primary season and they are being scrutinized and appraised like never before this early in the campaign. The reason is solely due to Donald Trump. His commandeering of the campaign’s agenda, his unorthodox and unscripted campaigning style, his unapologetic Nationalism, his uninterrupted lead in the polls, and the enormous crowds at his rallies, have stunned and terrified the political elites of Internationalism across the spectrum from the Republican collaborationist Class to the Far Left.

The latest Quinnipiac National Poll has Trump up 3% (from their last poll) to a commanding 27%. Next is Rubio at 17% and then Carson and Cruz at 16%. Way down in the also-rans is Bush at 5%, and Kasich and Christie at 2%. These figures strongly suggest that Bush, Kasich and Christie, all acceptable to the Republican Establishment that is funded by Internationalist Big Business, are all failing to gain traction with the Republican rank-and-file. This despite bursting treasure chests, large staffs of experts, Republican network contacts, concentrated attacks on Trump, and MSM help.

Those Republicans who lean Left seem to be abandoning Bush, Kasich and Christie and switching to Rubio. He has now emerged from the polls as the surviving RINO with credibility. Nice-guy Carson, who is ideologically all over the place but definitely not a RINO, and Cruz, the most ideologically sound Conservative in the contest, are probably as much unacceptable to the elite, as is Trump.

For Bush and his supporters, this 5% support, after endless re-launching of campaigns amidst much fanfare, must come as a bitter blow. Unlike Kasich and Christie, Bush is not an ambitious opportunist. He may well have entered the campaign under the pressure of others, his reservations being overcome by assurances that he would coast to victory. Bush is an idealistic Internationalist and the nearest America has to a gentlemanly aristocrat. Pride may keep him in the contest until the first primaries but he must know that it is all over for him. Unless he receives a divine intervention in Iowa and New Hampshire, he will surely bow out and retire quietly from politics.

We can expect the big money, treacherous Republican Senators and the WSJ commentators to embrace Rubio. South Carolina’s Lindsay Graham, who vies with McCain for MSM lust, is doing his bit to smear Trump. He is reported to have said “If you’re a xenophobic, race-baiting, religious bigot, you’re going to have a hard time being President of the US, and you’re going to do irreparable damage to the party”.

Trump will no doubt take Graham’s smears in his stride and hit back with gusto but these remarks are so untrue and slanderous as to be actionable. It is surely beyond time for the grass-roots Republicans of SC to kick out of office this political whore.

Meanwhile, The Donald last night held a rally in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. This holiday resort has a permanent population below 300, though in this winter season it is no doubt much higher. As far as I could tell from the video, Trump had yet another massive and enthusiastic audience despite bad weather. Given the small population he must be packing in unaffiliated voters.

Here in middle California we are once again getting frosty nights and low temperatures. Extreme cold weather is gripping the North American Continent and no-where on the planet has anyone reported encroaching sea water. Despite this, our crypto-Muslim, community organizer has been holding forth in Paris, dismissing the global threat of his bloodthirsty co-religionists and predicting rising seas and rising temperatures. How he loves the international stage and the microphone when he can spout high-flown empty phrases! On this website we are not climate experts but take note of two things. One is the evidence before our eyes and the other is the behavior of the Warmists. Not one of them has adopted a life-style in keeping with their fears. By their deeds shall ye know them – and the deceitfulness of their words!

Today’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, may well be an act of Islamic terrorism. It is reliably reported that three men with rifles entered a facility for the mentally handicapped and opened fire. At least 12 people have been killed and others injured. The three men escaped in a black SUV despite a swat team presence. The vehicle has been found abandoned. So far no description of the killers has been released.

If this is terrorism, there will be a big impact on the Republican contest and West Coast politics. If not, Obama will move to disarm the population.

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