Our Donald!

For those of us worried that Donald Trump would surrender to pressure and walk back some of his words, last night was a huge reassurance that he has courage and a steely determination to stay on course. He truly is ‘Our Donald’ and not the Establishment’s Donald.

From the start it was clear that at least two of the three ‘moderators’ intended to consign him to ‘outcast’ status, and where better than right at the beginning? When Kelly demanded that all pledge loyalty to the Republican Party’s eventual nominee, or raise a hand, it was clear that the Network’s intention was to put Trump in a no-win situation. If he lined up with the rest and took the oath of Party loyalty by walking back his past refusals to commit himself, he would be revealed as one intimidated into submission. His followers would discover that he really didn’t have guts. If he raised his hand he would alienate the Republican audience, be seen as the outcast on the podium and chastened for the night.

Our Donald unashamedly raised his hand and refused to commit himself to ‘Party loyalty no matter what‘. The MSM and their temporary allies in the Republican elite have claimed that Trump was booed at this point. It is more than possible that Kelly and her biased targeting were being booed. Anyway, Trump had the opportunity to demonstrate guts, a willingness to stand alone for a principle and he was enabled not only to set himself apart from the pack but to stand out from that point on. It is our belief that at this very beginning he reassured his many followers and will remain out front.

The moderators Wallace and Kelly mounted several more direct attacks on Trump and every time he gave as good as he got and never retreated. It was clear that his counter-punch technique and brazen disregard for political correctness not only confounded the moderators but emboldened several of his conservative rivals. It is our view that Donald not only survived the two hours but demonstrated that he stands out as a man of authority, can deliver withering asides (to Rand Paul “you are having a bad time”), combine humor whilst inserting the knife (Rosie O’Donnell) and remain amiable under provocation.

This must also be said, for the MSM and the Leftist websites will strive to present a negative picture of the night’s proceedings for those who did not watch.

It was a good night for the Republican Party at the grass roots as distinct from the leadership. The early debate of also-rans revealed that apart from Lindsay Graham, the minor contestants are impressive. Fiorina in particular deserves more exposure. The top nine (Trump aside) are all impressive speakers under pressure and come over as good people, ready, in varying degrees, to reverse the Media Class revolution, honestly socially conservative and likeable. This was particularly true of Ben Carson, perhaps the most likeable of all.

On this website we would be unwilling to vote for Graham, Bush Perry and Kasich. Graham because he has long shown his true colors in the Senate, Bush because he is not sufficiently committed to borders, language and culture, Perry because he has become a turncoat and Kasich because he seemed intellectually shifty. Any of the others -even Rand Paul-are worth voting for in 2016. Compared to the greedy, lying criminals, the buffoons and the sinister Leftist ideologues of the Democrat Party, this Republican field is outstanding.

The mystery is, given that these Republican hopefuls represent the Party in the country, why is the Party represented in Congress by the likes of McConnell and Boehner? Cruz (who had a good night) and Paul have repeatedly stood up to McConnell and so have proved that Washington does not corrupt every Republican but do most Republican Senators have skeletons in cupboards and live in fear of a MSM ‘outing’?

Last night revealed the dominating position of the Media Class and the arrogance of its representatives when dealing with legislators and politicians. It has a political and social agenda of its own. It also revealed that for the Media Class, news and entertainment have a seamless connection. Nevertheless, we can draw some consolation from last night. The Republican field is much stronger than any election since Reagan and most dwarf, Ford, the two previous Bushes, McCain and Romney.


Two major issues remained unmentioned by all the candidates. The failure of African Americans to integrate and succeed in American society, when so many more recent arrivals, despite skin color, have made progress. With every passing week there is evidence that African Americans have become more alienated, more violently aggressive and more of a drain on the people who work and pay taxes. We ask these two questions and would welcome website visitors’ comments! If America’s 30 million Black citizens all went to Mexico and the 30 million illegals were granted American citizenship, which country would get the better deal? Would African Americans be happier in a country with no history of slavery?

The other issue is population growth. What benefits do the great majority of American citizens receive from more immigration, including ‘refugees’? Surely America is already over-populated in so many places.

Finally, the real consequences of last night’s debate will not percolate into the opinion polls for a week. Immediate responses are never a reliable guide.

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