Obama Gets Tough And Putin Quakes

Whenever the Mainstream Media ‘discovers’ a big story, you can be sure that it is either a very small story inflated or a complete Media creation. In both cases they are designed to manipulate public opinion.

The MSM discovery of the Russian hacking of the Democrat Party’s website was initially inflated to explain away the November Presidential election defeat of Hillary Clinton and the election setbacks of the Democrat Party in the States. The MSM then saw an opportunity to develop it in order to feed the rage of the Party’s Far Left rank-and-file and create a climate of insurrection.

Unfortunately for the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies, Donald Trump is not a typical Republican politician who panics and surrenders to MSM campaigns. He has proved to be both ready for a fight with the MSM and one or two jumps ahead. In the face of cold winds from the Arctic and a determined and prepared Donald, the insurrection on the streets has fizzled. It may break out on January 20th in Washington DC but we can be sure that he has a plan to deal with it.

It is highly likely that the Russians and several other rival Nations have been hacking into American organizations, though so far no evidence has been produced that the WikiLeaks revelations originated with Putin. It is more likely that an embittered Sanders supporter on the DNC – now murdered – was the source. In any case all the revelations of ugly Democrat internal politics went unchallenged as to authenticity.

Just as relevant was that the MSM labored successfully to keep the leaks from the woefully distracted American voter and swamped the ‘news’ with anti-Trump propaganda. And although Obama has taken up the story of Russian interference causing the Clinton defeat he has completely undermined it by claiming that if he had run he would have won. Are we to assume that the Russian leaks would not have had any impact on his appeal to voters but Clinton lacked his charisma?

As we wrote many weeks ago, the (still) Ruling Media Class Alliance was both initially dismissive and then ill-prepared for Trump’s Nationalism, its appeal to working people, and his victory. As our Ruling Class is not a tight conspiracy (which is not to say that there are no conspiratorial groups within it), but a dispersed and factional Class of sometimes rival interests, it has failed so far to create a plan to retain the White House. The Far Left part of the Alliance is more organized but is the junior partner.

Unfortunately for both, the man in the White House has now begun to throw in his own very personalized agenda of self aggrandizement and may be off the Ruling Class leash. It is looking as though Obama has grand ambitions (unaware of his own substantial limitations) and is not prepared to slink quietly away.

Some see a clever Ruling Class plan behind the tiff with Putin and a march to a war that will make some rich and ward off an economic depression. On this website we think it is more likely merely an improvised continuation of the attempt to de-legitimize Trump’s Presidency, and an Obama attempt to appear powerful.

35 nobodies expelled and big headlines will not frighten Putin at all but will provide him with an opportunity to retaliate. When Trump takes office all this will be forgotten.

Photo Credits: from photorator.com, abandoned highway, Centralia, PA

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