Muslims: Time To Go Home!

Almost every other day there are reports in the Mainstream Media (MSM) of a Muslim terrorist cell being detected or uncovered by security forces. One day it is New York, the next it is Belgium, the next France, the next England and then another in the Midwest of the USA.

Certainly, security forces in the Western World are beavering away and heading off many small terrorist attacks and occasionally some frighteningly large death tolls. The arrests which are reported in the MSM never mention the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’. Those arrested are only referred to by both the Authorities and the MSM as ‘terrorists’. Since the number of foiled attacks greatly outnumber those that take place, as in San Bernardino and Paris, it is tempting for the Public of the Western World to feel reassured.

It is true that Islamic terrorism has now emerged as a major issue for American voters and this is confirmed by opinion polls and the support for Donald Trump. However, as always in this Revolutionary America where the MSM peddles propaganda and the Obama Government has an investment in quelling public alarm about Muslims, the alarm is not resulting in a sufficient response.

The insoluble connection between the terrorism that is hugely distorting every-day life and unnecessarily causing death and injury to innocent Americans, and the Muslims living among us, is being deliberately camouflaged. In every report of a Muslim terrorist cell being uncovered and an act of terrorism prevented, the would-be perpetrators are Muslims who have been living among us, in almost all cases, legally. This crucial fact is being deliberately obfuscated.

Invariably, the Muslim terrorists and would-be terrorists are recent citizens or legal visitors. And just as invariably – and this is especially true in Europe where there are large homogeneous Muslim neighborhoods -they have been dwelling and planning among a Muslim population.

Let me say here that I have Iranian and Afghan friends who have been living and working here in the USA for decades. They are here legally, are longtime citizens, and in the case of the Iranians they fled Iran at the time of the overthrow of the Shah. They are casually religious in some cases and not at all religious in others. None attend Mosques or seek to dwell in Muslim enclaves. They are as American as any other post-war immigrants and have a total investment in a terrorist-free America. These are not people harboring or nurturing terrorists and their off-spring are even more secular and integrated than their parents. If Mosques were closed, pork included in school meals, all Muslims denied entry to America, Muslim students deported back to countries of origin and Islam rooted out, they would not be affected. CAIR does not speak for them!

Donald Trump has called for a temporary halt to the admission of Muslims. Predictably this has been greeted with a manufactured MSM outrage, condemnation by CAIR, and mock horror publicly expressed by Church leaders, the Far Left Democrat Party and too many Washington Republicans seeking moral high ground and MSM approval.

Given the realities of Muslim terrorism as laid out in previous paragraphs, Trump, although doing a public service by breaking a taboo, is too cautious. Islam and Islamists have no entitlement to a place in America at any time for their Koran and their agenda are totally hostile to the Constitution. In any case it is undeniable that Islam is engaged in a war of conquest of the West and all true Muslims are obliged to assist the enemy.

The neo-Cons of the Republican Party are all for ‘rooting out Islamic terrorism’ abroad. They are constantly agitating for American military action in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. There is something to be said for ruthlessly attacking an enemy in his homeland but we believe that much of this agitation is intended to distract attention from the Muslim threat among us or serve sinister interests. Those who advocate military adventurism in the Middle East are strident in their calls for ‘toleration’ at home.

If we are serious about defeating Islamic Imperialism we must start at home and remove its Fifth column and sympathizers in our midst. It is clear that they are a problem and that their presence is distorting America’s everyday life. The enormous cost of domestic anti-terrorism has already been noted in a previous article on this website. Every day that passes and Obama – with the collusion of Republicans like Bush, Ryan, McConnell, Rubio and the scribblers at the Wall Street Journal – admits more Muslims, so the deadly danger for ordinary Americans grows.

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  1. Well put. Congratulations! Somehow I don’t think that we’ll see this reprinted on the op-ed page of Muslim-friendly New York Times. I hear that publisher Arthur Sulzberger, jr is himself a Muslim and abhors insults to his peeps.

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