MSM Silent on Amtrak Crash

On this website we constantly warn our visitors that the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies. As such it cannot and will not fulfill the News Media functions of honest reporting and the provision of information to the public. Instead it tailors the News to promote a Revolutionary agenda. This involves filtering out much real news at its source, misreporting events, manufacturing false news and burying old news stories whose outcomes prove inconvenient to the agenda.

We all have short ’news’ memories, can be easily distracted from the past by current ‘news’, or simply our brains get overloaded with real and phony news spewed out by that MSM we warn you against. How many of our website visitors remember the main news headlines of Tuesday May 12th. and Wednesday May 13th ?

On Tuesday May 12th a commuter train packed with passengers crashed just north of Philadelphia, killing 8 and injuring hundreds. This was the type of news that the MSM appropriately rushes to report and almost always the first reports are unfiltered -which is to say ‘honest’. In most instances the reporting becomes more dishonest in each follow-up because the needs of the political agenda take precedence over truth and in this Revolutionary (totalitarian) era almost everything is subordinated to the political needs of the Ruling Class.

First reports suggested that the train crashed because of excessive speed going into a bend. The public learned that trains carry a Black Box similar to those on airplanes. Unusually, in this crash, despite the 8 deaths and many injuries, the engineer driving the train survived relatively uninjured. It transpired that at the time of the crash the train was moving at 106mph at least twice the permitted speed. This incontestable fact ruled out many possible causal factors and focused attention on the actions of the engineer, Brandon Bostian, a single man in his early 30’s with some 4 years Amtrak experience. Despite much reporting, both at the time and in the following days, it never became clear how far Mr. Bostian co-operated right from the beginning. He quickly acquired a lawyer and seems not to have been rigorously questioned at the time of the police response to the crash. Of course, if he was driving recklessly, (which seemed to be the most likely cause of the crash), he could be expected to avoid questioning until legally advised.

It might have been expected that the MSM and the Authorities would be energetic in investigating Mr. Bostian’s background and a search for a motive for the suicidal speed he took the bend. Except that it emerged on the Internet (though most definitely not in the MSM) that Mr. Bostian was a very active homosexual and sufficiently active to post up Internet pictures of his penis and other intimate parts. Homosexuals are, in this new Revolutionary era, the most specially protected group and the MSM and public authorities are in the forefront of ensuring maximum protection.

There was a flurry of activity -much reported in the MSM – attempting to find a cause of the crash other than engineer recklessness. Many rumors were floated in the MSM. We can assume that any other cause was hard to find, since nothing was officially pinpointed. It is possible, that given time and a fall in public interest, any cause clearing the engineer of responsibility could be officially hashed up and will be issued way into the future.

8 people died in this crash and hundreds injured, yet the MSM and officialdom have lost interest. When one considers the MSM and Government’s perpetual interest in Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown et al (limited tragedies compared to the rail crash), it can only be assumed that there are reasons why Mr. Bostian and his victims have been overlooked. We will leave our website visitors to draw their own conclusions.

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Global Warming Watch

Here in middle California we are entering a few days of heat with temperatures likely to top 100F. Normal for late July! Hidden away in the MSM is a report that the northern Rockies are experiencing record cold temperatures for July and have received an inch of snow.

The UK and Florida are wet. All sounds normal!


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