Meryl Streep Speaks For Threatened Ruling Media Class

Anyone who has followed this website over the years will know that our basic contention is that the Media Class, created as a Class by technology and fortuitous circumstances in the 1970’s, formally became America’s Ruling Class after the 2008 election. This was the point when with the propaganda power of its Mainstream Media, combined with the immense wealth of its Hollywood Tsars, it placed Obama in the White House, supported by a Congressional Far Left Democrat majority.

It is also our contention that a new Class, when it achieves political power and becomes a Ruling Class, seeks to remake Society in its own image. This process is properly called a Revolution. It so happens that the Media Class, apart from its technology component, is predominantly composed of dysfunctional, neurotic and perverted people. This has been extremely bad news for the USA and also for other Western Societies where similar Revolutions have been successful

Meryl Streep is a prominent member of our Ruling Class by virtue of her seniority in the Hollywood movie industry. She spoke at the Golden Globes award at an historical time, when the Ruling Class to which she belongs is about to lose legislative power and experience a partial dismantling of its Revolutionary Class agenda.

We do not know how far Donald Trump will roll back the Revolution, for he is a former member of the Media Class, albeit a maverick. Many of his campaign commitments have promised a roll-back of the advances made on behalf of the junior partner of the Media Class alliance, i.e. the Far Left. On this website we support this part of his agenda, for the Internationalist and redistributionist Far Left agenda is as Revolutionary as the social agenda of the Media Class.

Trump, as a budding Nationalist, has shown Christian sympathies, and this is enough to throw the Media Class members into a frenzy of panic and loathing. They are as alarmed as their Far Left allies for he has committed to rolling back the abortion agenda, de-funding Planned Parenthood, encouraging Christian education with vouchers, breaking the power of political correctness, and putting Christianity back into the public square.

The Media Class is well aware that Trump, by rehabilitating Christianity in the Nation’s life, may undo the advances of the sexual revolution that promotes abnormality. Although Trump has said on the campaign trail that same-sex marriage is a done deal, the Media Class and its Far Left allies, are terrified that an Administration embarking on an agenda of common sense and the remaking of a healthy America, will ultimately reject the unnatural same-sex marriage, transgender nonsense and push homosexuality and other perversions back into the closet.

Meryl Streep’s hysterical attack on Trump was as a spokesman of the Media Class. It was fueled by a fear that his appealing Nationalism and commons-sense approach will evolve into America’s return to moral normality. Whether Streep herself is dysfunctional is immaterial for she lives and thrives in a dysfunctional world and is non-judgmental about its grotesque standards of behavior. As a well-known and celebrated member of the Hollywood world of fantasy and lechery, she took the opportunity to articulate the fears of a Ruling Class confronted by a loss of power and the undoing of its Revolutionary moral agenda.

Many of us view Streep as a nobody, for in the real world where food is grown, ships and cars are built, houses are constructed, electricity is generated, coal dug, and drinkable water piped, acting in movies is a parasitic occupation. But the MSM has its hold on people, mesmerizing them through the TV set in every home. It has been able to convince too many that the Streeps are hugely important people. And in Beverley Hills, where the Streeps of Hollywood strut and posture, she is treated as a star and assumes she is an important person.

It would be wonderful for America if Streep and her fellow parasites made good on their ‘threats’ to bolt from Trump’s America. Unfortunately it will not happen because they are addicted to wealth, privilege and celebrity status. This writer hopes the Counter-Revolution will make life very uncomfortable for them.

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